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Send By Mozilla Allows You Share Up To 1GB “Disappearing” Files From Your Computer


Mozilla has launched a website that can be best described as a Snapchat of file sharing. Called “Send”, it allows file sharing between two people and once the file has been downloaded, it disappears. The site isn’t designed for hosting and storing your files and the fact that it is designed as a simple sharing system between you and someone and not a large group also means Mozilla wants to further secure your files by limiting the audience that has access to it in the first place.

Send allows users to upload files of up to 1GB and like other storage services, you get a link which you can share with the other party. The link expires once the person has used it or after 24 hours. So it is essentially up to the other person to use the link as quickly as they can.

Apart from disappearance of file which you can argue for security, Mozilla also says files are encrypted as you upload them and like what other services WhatsApp have said in the past, they don’t access to the content of your uploads since they are encrypted. WhatsApp for example says it is near impossible for its staff to access your encrypted chats even though there are obvious limitations to the claim.

Mozilla Send

When you click on the site, you’ll see that Mozilla adds in the top left corner of the page that this is a web experiment for now and we don’t know whether it’s going to even get out of the experiment phase and become a permanent service. That said, the other part is that it could be discontinued at any time too.

Disappearing photos on Snapchat was what attracted a lot of young people to services like Snapchat and since then competitors like Instagram have since implemented it as well.

The primary difference between Dropbox and Send is that while you can share files and store them on Dropbox, you can’t do so on Send.

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