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Multichoice Launches New Products To Celebrate The Yuletide Season


As with the traditional Thanksgiving season, many online shops have embarked on the Black Friday episode to delight their customers with huge discounts cut off the normal prices of items. Multichoice is not left out in this season of celebration. It recently launched 12goodreasons to delight its consumers in this yuletide season.

According to the General Manager, Multichoice Nigeria, Mr. Martin Mabutho, it’s a norm for the Pay TV to celebrate the season by introducing a new plan for consumers and that in fact, it is always expected. This new product has been officially launched and it encompasses 12 fresh products added to the existing ones. He said, ‘the lead offer is the DSTV compact which is heavily subsidized during this Christmas period. Others include the family offer, the GOtv chop life, the Black Friday, the Animania, the GOtv max, the GOtvwawu, the DSTV explora, the GOtv boxing, the festivals and the World Cup’.

This bonanza is designed to reduce the patronage of vendors who sell pirated or scratched movies. Mr. Mabutho said during the launch, that Multichoice is currently in partnership with movie producers on the DSTV explora to give consumers the alternative to rent movies directly from on the box.  As expected, terms and conditions apply. ‘To qualify, for this raffle draw, you have to be a new customer on the GOtv max bouquet; or as an existing subscriber, you have to upgrade to the Gotv max bouquet’, he said.

The Yuletide season always presents itself as an avenue for businesses to ‘delight’ their consumers. While many people opine that the huge discounts and new products launch is a front to lure new consumers or discard old items from stores, business owners insist that it’s a tradition to give back to the society.

While these new products may keep their existing consumers at bay, it’s uncertain if new consumers will be attracted to such freebies, seeing that one can now pay as low as N60 to be entertained with StarTimes daily subscription charge.

Mr. Mabutho also disclosed that the firm is in collaboration with Dufil Prima Foods, makes of indomie noodles, on the raffle draw. Every customer who upgrades to the GOtv max bouquet will be given a carton of indomie noodles.

Whatever the reason behind the Yuletide sales festival, it’s always a win-win situation for the vendors and consumers. However, the biggest winners in the scene are the juggernauts behind the platforms. 

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