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10 Great Android Music Apps For Young Learners


Music is something that definitely binds the nation and irrespective of how old you are, there is a certain attraction towards music that almost everyone has. As a kid, not only do you enjoy listening to music but you would also want to learn to play a musical instrument and if you are a parent and you want your child to excel in music, then it’s important for you to download the right music app. If you are wondering is it illegal to use a music downloader? what you need to know then you need to understand that as long as you are downloading an app from the app store, this app has been approved. Here’s a list of 10 popular music apps for the young minds that are sure to keep them engaged.

Piano Dust Buster

If your kid has always been intrigued by a piano, then the piano dust buster is a fun app to download. This virtual piano is something that is sure to get them hooked on to playing tunes from a young age. It is an easy to use app that is sure to help your child gain a lot of interest in playing the piano.


If you’re keen on making your child learn more about melodies and various tunes, then musiquest is a fun app to download. While the free version of the app encourages your child to have some fun with music it is important for you to get the full app so that they can explore the various musical instruments and see what they find interesting. This is a highly graphic and interesting app and it’s definitely one of those apps that your child will be very interested in using.

Let’s Go to the Opera

Opera music is slowly dying but if your child has a little interest in it, then this is an app you must not miss. It is very different from most of the other music apps that you will find and it helps your child learn more about musical tunes and how they need to get in tune correctly. It’s a beautiful graphical app that will definitely interest their minds.

Kapu Bloom Tunes

If you want your child to unleash his or her creativity in the best possible way then this app is definitely something that you need to try out. Not only will it help your kids to make music, it also helps your child to paint at the same time. If you want your child to learn how to multitask and develop skills better then this is one app that you should definitely have on your phone.

Sesame Street Makes Music

Sesame Street is definitely popular amongst kids and this app is also something that all younger children will love. It helps them to listen to their favourite nursery rhymes and tunes right here. There are also some musical instruments that your kids can play as they grow. It is a highly addictive app and it’s one of the best musical apps for younger children today.

Toc and Roll

If you want your children to learn the art of playing music, writing their own song or enjoying simple tunes, this is one app that does it all. It’s definitely a lot of fun to install this app on your phone and watch your children enjoy composing some amazing tracks that will soon have them become the musicians that they always wanted to become.

Crayola DJ

If your child dreams of becoming a DJ one day, then the best app that you can get for them is this amazing Crayola DJ app on your phone. It will help them understand what spinning is all about and exactly how they can learn mixing various tunes together.


This is such a fun app that is going to get your kids hooked on to it in no time. This is an app that is suitable for small kids as well as the ones that are growing a little. It is amazing to watch different animal shaped musical instruments that your children can play and make different sounds and noises with.

Easy Music

Easy music is an interesting, interactive and effective music app for all younger children who love listening to music and different kinds of sound notes. There are some amazing graphics that definitely keep your children entertained all the times.

Toca Dance

Kids usually love everything about music. This includes listening to different tunes to dancing to them. This is one app that will help them get it all under one roof and in a fun and effective way. Download this amazing app for your kids today.

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