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Must-Have Apps for Dog Owners


Is there anything as cute as a new puppy? When you first bring it home, it’s like bringing home a new baby – you just want to flood your Instagram feed and show everyone how cute it is.  Soon after that, you realize the experience is similar to having a baby – dogs can consume a lot of your time. There are vets, walks, feeding time, playing time, training and a whole lot of other things to keep track of.

Luckily, there are tons of apps to help you out. Here’re a few you must have:

Must-Have Apps for Dog OwnersPet First Aid

Raising a pet is so much fun, but it also comes with responsibilities and few scares regarding your pet’s safety.  It’s better to be safe than sorry. This app is here to help you with real emergencies. It provides information on how to deal with most common issues. It also deals with the possible changes in behavior and how to deal with them (older and sick dogs can become dangerous). The app comes with a GPS locator and a map of the closest emergency vet stations.

Puppy Coach 101

It does exactly what the title says – helps you get the basics of your dog training right. It’s important to start with coaching as soon as possible and to teach you dog in regular and comfortable intervals. The app breaks the training into topics (like “name”, “crate” or “sit”) and gives you an instructional video for each topic. You can also track your progress and the amount of time each lesson took (so you know it’s acting according to its age and bread). In the end, you can even print out a little diploma!

The fat dog diet

Experts at Nettopet agree that regular diet is the most frequent concern for dog owners. This app will let you deal with it once and for all. It tracks the dietary habits of your pet and gives recommendations based on yMust-Have Apps for Dog Ownersour dog’s weight, age, and breed. This will help your pet shed the extra pounds (or gain the ones needed), without endangering its health or making you feel like you’re denying food to your little buddy. The app was developed by veterinarians, but you can also talk to one in person before you start if you have additional concerns of questions.


It’s hard to know what can be harmful to a dog. Some of the garden variety plants found in every back yard can be poisonous to pets, especially while they’re young. This app lets you know which of the plants are dangerous to which pet. It can also give you a list of symptoms, so you can recognize what caused the poisoning after it already happened. All the plants from the list come with a picture and a description, which is helpful for those who aren’t gardening-savy. 


Losing a dog is probably the biggest fear a dog owner has. With this app (and a gadget it comes with) those fears are a thing of the past. A little device is attached to your dog’s collar and GPS system will always tell you where it is. The app comes with other useful features – you can choose an area of the map in which your dog is allowed to be and get a message when the dog crosses it. Also, it’s a good way to track how much exercise your dog gets every day and act accordingly (by adding more walks or working on the right diet).

These apps are here to help with the logistics of having a dog – the loving and caring is up to you.

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