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The NCC Devices Means To Sustain Telecom’s 9.8% GDP Contribution To The Nigerian Economy


Amid the country’s over reliance on crude oil which has contributed to driving the country into the present recession state, the tech sector appears to be taking the position as the country’s Savior.  After many years of been in the stone age,  the technology sector is in the process of trying to ensure that commission maintains its leadership in its present contribution to the Gross Domestic Product Contribution to the country. 

The Executive Vice-Chairman, Nigerian Communications Commission, Prof.  Umar Danbatta, said recently that the technology sector’s contribution to the country’s GDP stands at 9.8% and must be sustained through leadership.  He said:

We can only achieve this by enthroning a leadership that will introduce new ideas,  new ways of work,  and with it -cannot-be-business-as-usual mentality;  leadership that has vision and a compelling narrative about the future for all stakeholders in the industry. Unless and until we do this, we will not be able to sustain the contribution of the sector to the GDP,  which currently stands at about 9.8%”

Although, the Vice-President of the organization did not explicitly state the measures they adopted to achieve the current feat, it is quite obvious that the NCC is working pretty hard to boost the country’s present ailing economy.  He said:

“We are mindful of what we have to do sustain this resilience as indicated by all the figures released by the National Bureau of Statistics, which confirm the resilience and stability of the sector. That’s why we are taking these measures; measures that any regulator would pro actively take to protect the industry.”

The NCC earlier enforced a Code for Corporate Governance to regulate excellence and efficiency within the organization.  Although the code had been in existence for four years, it only become an enforcement recently under Prof. Danbatta’s leadership. With the help of the key points in the code, the organization, in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria was able to save 9mobile from a total collapse. 

As he explained during the forum, the NCC is guilty of turning a blind eye to sensitive situations that need immediate attention. To an extent, this is the reason why the country has a slow economic growth. There have been university students in the past who came up with innovations but the dreams never materialized due to lack of government support. The country’s over-reliance on crude oil is a contributing factor to her stunted growth. Aside the fact that the price of crude oil has been falling,  pretty  soon,  there won’t be need to export this precious oil,  seeing that many foreign countries are making plans to take petrol cars off the road.

There are many undesired developments that hinder the country’ growth and this is exactly what the Professor points when he mentions “stability” and “resilience” as key factor for progress.

Success cannot be achieved by the action of one man but one voice can trigger the action of many.  Prof. Danbatta has stressed that “the NCC is trying to ensure an enduring corporate institutional structure in place, with a view to sustaining stability in telecoms sector”.

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