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Netflix Earnings Beat Expectations


When Netflix released its second quarter earnings back in July, it was greeted with a lot of caution mainly because of its miss in number of new subscribers in the United States and internationally. At the time, they added about 1.68 million (160,000 in the U.S. and 1.52 million overseas) versus 2.50 million expected and that was a miss that investors didn’t welcome. But in the same report, they said they expected the next quarter reports to be stronger and that’s what happened.

They had a string subscriber growth and posted huge earnings and actually beat its own and Wall Street’s expectations. They added 3.2 million new subscribers internationally and another 370,000 in the United States. They had expected 304,000 new subscribers in the US and another 2 million international subscribers. Well some have attributed this to the hit series “Stranger Things” (a Netflix original drama) which has received some really high ratings. It clocked a 14.07 million views in the United States in the key adults 18-49 demographic in its first 35 days beating other Netflix hit shows like House of Cards.

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