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Netflix To Start Ranking Show Popularity In Transparency Move


Netflix may be the biggest subscription-based video streaming site in the world and that is largely due to the high number of original and partnership content it rolls out virtually on a daily basis. One thing we don’t know and have not been made to know before now is the popularity of its numerous contents. Now though, the streaming giant is launching a new feature towards transparency in that regard.

Netflix is now launching a feature that will show its top 10 most popular shows and films on a daily basis. This has been in the works for about six months since they started testing it out in the United Kingdom and Mexico.

In a blog post by Cameron Johnson who is in charge of product innovation at Netflix, “Members in both countries have found them useful, so we are now rolling them out to even more”.

This is intended to make it easier to viewers to make a choice on what to watch because sometimes when it’s just too many, it’s even more difficult to make a choice. That said, Netflix already arranges programs to show you based on what you frequently watch and if you are one of those who have multiple profiles on an account, you will discover that what may be on your homepage will likely differ from what the other profile gets should you have all have different interests.

Netflix doesn’t usually disclose its viewership numbers and this has been a big frustration to the movie industry in general. This has left people wondering how decisions to buy and cancel a show by Netflix. Sometimes your favourite shows just get cancelled and you’re wondering why-sometimes its simply because the numbers don’t juts justify the investment, take The OA for example.

The Witcher and Stranger Things for example have been said to be among Netflix’s biggest hits so far with staggering viewing numbers but how do we verify this has been the big question (maybe they just selectively leak the numbers). Netflix reportedly counts viewing of up to two minutes as viewed rather than watching the whole thing.

In any case, this move may be the first step on transparency journey for Netflix.

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