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Extending The Use Of New Technology To Keep Dogs Happy And Healthy


Over two-thirds of American households have a pet, and with technology reaching every part of human life, apps and gadgets designed specifically for dogs are becoming more common. Smart technology monitors the home and a pet’s activity, while the latest apps address dogs as one of the family, enhancing their social life and even their consumer experience.

Canine Consumers

Dog owners enjoy discovering innovative toys and accessories for their dog that will keep them entertained and stimulated. In the future, their dog may be able to do their own shopping for toys. One Brazilian pet brand has designed a system that analyzes a dog’s reaction to items shown on screen. For use on any internet connected device, the system monitors the way in which a dog holds its head and the reaction it gives to certain colors. These mannerisms and responses are then used to rate and pick out toys that attract the dog’s attention.

Arranging Play Dates

Just as humans use apps to enhance their social life, so dogs can also find their perfect match online. An app in use in Australia connects local dog owners with a view to finding compatible playmates for their pets. The app is designed to support the local community for dogs, as well as encourage owners to get together for play dates in the park and local neighbourhood. While out and about in the park, a GPS monitor is a useful gadget should a dog go missing. The monitor can record a dog’s location throughout the day and send an alert to the owner if the dog wanders out of a predetermined area.

Monitoring Activity

GPS monitors are also integrated into some sleep and activity monitors for dogs. The monitors are durable and waterproof, and are worn like a normal collar. Via an app on a mobile phone, they provide dog owners with useful data about their dog’s behaviour and general well-being. Any changes in sleep patterns and levels of mobility can alert owners to potential health issues, as well as encouraging them to get more active with their dogs, if necessary.

Dogs are already an integral part of many people’s lives, so the fact that technology for humans is increasingly being shared with their pets is not surprising. As well as enabling entertaining recreational activities, apps and gadgets also allow owners to ensure the safety and well-being of their dog at all times.

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