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China, In Partnership With Nigeria To Empower The ICT Industry


The Nigerian government has been working hard to see that that technology is strengthened in Nigeria. If efficiently empowered, ICT can provide quick access to ideas and experiences from a wide range of people, communities and cultures. So also, ideas will be easily implemented and life could be much easier. For instance, many individuals are yet to practice the cashless policy approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria. Many are still inclined to the traditional means to transferring funds over the counter, contributing to congested banking halls.

However, things may take a new course as the government of China will be in partnership with Nigeria to empower Nigeria’s Information and Communications Technology industry, Punch reported.

This great news was revealed at the recently ended Overseas Training Course on Telecommunications Technologies for Nigeria. The Consular, Economic and Commerce, Office of China Embassy in Nigeria, Mr. Zhao Linxiang made the speech and further expressed his willingness to help boost the telecommunication sector in the country. He said:

We are willing to help Nigeria in the field of telecommunications and ICT, and share the experience we have with Nigerians. By implementing this training course, the Chinese government is to nurture highly skilled players in telecommunications and ICT.”

 Prior to this partnership, many Nigerian officials and technicians had received recommendation to receive various trainings in China. This time, the Chinese government will prioritize the ICT development in Nigeria. The Consular said

This time, to meet the needs of Nigeria to develop its telecommunications and the ICT industries, we held the 2017 Overseas Training course on Telecommunications Technologies for Nigeria in Abuja. This year is the first time the Chinese’s government would hold bilateral training in Nigeria. Basically, the industry is supporting other industries. A vibrant telecommunications and ICT sector is required to drive and expand national production frontiers across all sectors of the economy. This means we should give this country top priority.”

 Nigeria also has a part to play to make the collaboration a success. The Chairman, Nigeria and China Relations Committee, Senator Yusuf, stated that the National Assembly will do all in its power to make the partnership worthwhile.

To make this work, the Nigerian Parliament said it will establish laws to ensure a hitch free operation between both countries. Senator Yusuf said, “as lawmakers, we will give the Chinese government the required support that you need for the good of both countries”.

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