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The Nigerian Federal Govt. Plans Another Satellite Launch Says Minister


The Nigerian Federal government through the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology wants to launch another satellite.

A space operation that seeks enhanced tools required to ascertain upgraded space technology hovering around orbits.

During the annual National Media Conference on Space Science and Technology, the Nigerian Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, highlighted the need for the Nigerian government to indulge in science and technology – as the gateway for the economy to experience transformation towards a digital-based economy – the global digital economy happens to be in its prime.

The space technology dialogues theme was dubbed ‘Potency of Space Dependent Technology in Driving Good Governance and Eliminating Corruption in Post COVID-19 Era’.

Meanwhile, as the event proceeds, Dr. Ogbnnaya unwrap the updated tech policy, he mended “We have introduced five additional policies in the last five year, and if implemented, especially the EO 005,” and he disclosed the fact that regulatory agencies are not keen to implement its policies.

Based on his description, the National Space Research and Development Agency, NARSDA has more than the default potential to rival China or NASA in the space technology according to the Minister.

 “We are prepared to make NARSDA compete with best space agencies in the world,” Dr. Ogbonnaya said.

He further emphasized that consistent support is expected from the Federal government to provide the amenities required to build a satellite that is compatible with recent technological developments. The use of modern tech would be hasty in developing the space agency’s aptitude, likewise the Ministry of Science and Technology, and tech industry as-a-whole.

He said “We will make sure additional satellite is put in the orbit. I assure you that the ministry will continue to do the best to ensure that additional satellites are put in orbit to help in the nation’s direction.

Dr. Ogbonnaya intends to reform the staff recruited for the NARSDA program because he believes that 80% of the active staff operating in the agency may either not be well trained enough to discharge their duties effectively or shouldn’t be there at all.

With a positive mind, Senator Ajayi Robert Boroffice tasked Dr. Ogbonnaya to seek the counsel of the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, ICPC “I learned that the ICPC is around, scrutinizing employment documents,” – to inspect the NARSDA by the books to be free of irregularities “so that we can achieve the purpose for which it was set up.”

Sen. Ajayi further commented about the NARSDA recruitment of under-qualified staff. He regarded the fact that the agency’s job vacancy at the time was duly utilized, and the executives administering the agency should have maintained the context in which NARSDA was created without involving nepotism.

“How can we be taking people with religious, Islamic studies in space center?” – He said that such a space program should function with a “mixed staff application, employment.” In contrast, only individuals with specific intelligence should be hired to influence a 100% workforce to ensure productivity.

“I challenge you with dedicated staff to actualize the dream and mandate of the agency. We can re-orientate NARSDA to what it should be. Right now, I don’t think I am happy. The space agency has nosedived; the trajectory is disastrous. We have to get it right now.”

Urging the executives of the agency and the Minister of Science and Technology to reform NARSDA, Sen. Ajayi urged the Federal Government to invest in the technology sector, which will serve as a job creator rather than focusing on other measures that cannot upgrade the living standard of Nigerians.

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