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Review: Four Reasons Why The Nikon D850 Camera Is Hard To Ignore


With the increasing dominance of smartphones, cameras such as DSLR Nikon D850 have not been getting the attention they deserve but despite the increasing demand for smartphones, they are still upbeat about innovating and producing new specs of cameras and smartphones has been a beneficial key to the production of the different powerful cameras segment after running out of creativity on phones.

With no limitations , the DSLR cutting through all edges in the digital lens world , the birth of a powerful , New innovative , top of the line full frame camera which offers a lot of features and here is why this Nikon D850 stands out;


The camera comes with a 45.7 megapixels, which is presently the highest camera megapixel at the moment and it means the photos details will be powered by the FC CMOS sensor which is really good, the camera is for professional photographers, not for amateurs.

The camera has an extra MPs which will add lots of value for professional photographers ,and it will work for larger sizes posters , the extra MPs has a 8256 x 4640p resolution which can be used for shooting full frame videos.

                The DSLR Nikon D850 is a 45.7 megapixel camera that allows users smartly connect to Wi-Fi


The colour quality of Nikon and Canon differs, and those who has used both cameras know that Canon is more used as a subtler and Nikon is richer in quality. Nikon D850 colour is more natural and has a Nikkor AF-S 300m f1.4 lens which adds lights to it and making it magical and this camera will be used mostly too by videographers Because of its amazing colour quality.


Wi-Fi connection is not new in DSLRs, but the way this camera connects with smartphone letting the users to transfer images from it is a totally new and different experience than other cam in the market, D850 uses snapbridge app for a faster way of transfer but it also uses a remote viewfinder and is really cool to have a wireless link in the camera making it one of the best features of these top of the line camera.


Ever seen a control miniaturized version of a airplane cockpit? Okay the Nikon has a almost same type of control panel , which can be crazy at first but the camera present its users a multiple way to change the settings of the device , but once you get a hold of the how it works , it is more convenient and easy to change modes from video to picture mode.

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