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Top 3 Solutions To Fix No Valid MBOX Files Were Found


Getting Popped-up error such as “No Valid MBOX files Were Found” on email profile. Whenever a user encounters an MBOX file corruption, it becomes tedious to fix it. But don’t worry as today we are going to discuss the root causes of such an error and how to encounter it.


Circumstances in Such Error Occur

Here in this section, we are going to discuss some scenarios in which one can find No Valid MBOX files Were Found error:

1. Whenever you try to access an inappropriate directory, such an error message popped-up.
2. While the user is importing an MBOX file from one version of Mac OS to another, then due to a compatibility issue, one could find this error.
3. It is possible that the MBOX file you want to import is corrupted.
4. When a user is required to export .mbox files to the external device from the backup of Old mailbox.

Easy Workarounds to Fix No Valid MBOX Files Were Found

Scenario 1.

While the user tries to import MBOX files from the external device. They click on the Import Option in the File menu, but unexpectedly every time a dialog box encountered the error. At that time users need to execute steps to import the MBOX file explained in the next scenario.


Scenario 2.

When someone tries to import an MBOX file from one version of Mac OS to another. Before starting the migration process, they required to take the backup of the following:


And If you want to open hidden user’s library folders in the finder then:

Copy~/Library/ and select Go >> Navigate to the Folder and paste the destination >> Go

After that, to migrate to another version of Mail.app that uses a slightly different file format or database structure, importing process is done.

Note: It is mandatory to have access to the old messages originally located in this folder:


To import to the different version of Mail.app executes the steps mentioned below:

1. Migrate the Mail Rules.

While it is not open, you need to copy MessageRules.plist from the old Mail folder to the new one ~/Library/Mail/V2/MailData/. If MessageRules.plist.backup is present, then delete it.

2. After that, in the Mail.app navigate to Preferences to confirm the presence of rules.
3. Import MBOX files to Mac Mail

      a. Choose File >> Import MailBoxes and then, Select Apple Mail >> Continue.
   b. Now, click on Choose button to select the exact Mail Folder you want to import from. Click the Continue button to begin the importing process.
      c. In last verify and check everything in order.

4. Afterward, Close the Mail.app and open it again.
5. Select the Import Mailbox and migrate the imported mailboxes to the exact location you want.
6. Now, Check the search tool working. If the tool is not working, then recreate the SpotLight index with the help of the shell command:

sudo mdutil – E/

7. In last verify the mail rules as preferences.


Scenario 3.
While you want to import an MBOX file from an incorrect directory level, then you will encounter an error message “No Valid MBOX Files Were Found”. Now to overcome it, execute the steps provided below:

1. Start from backup directory level by one.
2. Afterwards, choose the MailBoxes folder from destination:


3. You will get a list of MBOX file, here find the MBOX file you want to import and start the process.


Final Views!!

This is All about to solve No Valid MBOX Files Were Found. However, the methods listed above are quite time consuming and required technical expertise. If you want to ease the process, you must go with Mac MBOX Exporter. You can use this tool to import MBOX file without any difficulty.

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