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Node.js : Changing The Rules Of App Development Code


The continuous evolution in the app development industry forces all the companies of app development to pursue projects which are complicated.

The developers are settling with Node.js because it is less time consuming and to finish off the projects it becomes mandatory for developers to use the most effective technology.

Node.js utilizes JavaScript which ranks among the most admired programming languages which ultimately means that Node is within the easy range of a wide population of app developers and business owners.


What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source platform that provides developers to utilise JavaScript to write the command-line interface and server side scripting.

It was developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009 with an idea to expand the possibilities of web servers and curb all the obstacles a developer faces in the beginning process while developing an application.

Just after the launch of hid idea, It became the most preferable option for developers to develop more calculable mobile and web applications.


The rules of application development are rapidly changing. Now lets see how it changes :

1. Modular Design
Lets understand this concept with an example of PayPal where the developers were divided into teams – Java and Node to develop a new application.

According to observations and statements made by Jeff Harell, Director and chief architect of PayPal – Node.js developed an application with 33% lesser lines of code, doubled up the speed of requests per second and responded quickly by 35% as compared to Java.

Node team achieved their target within a span of two months while on the other hand java team was busy working on the same project for eight months.

The node team only had 2 members while the java team had 20 members in the team.
PayPal used Node.js to rejuvenate the rigid application system which is overburdened under an enormous code base. It commenced by reconfiguring the already existing Java services using Node.js.

PayPal without any deviation conveyed the inflexibilities being urged on the business and has provided a way to inaugurate rapidly and proceed with continuously adapting the services when they are needed.

The frameworks of java application development has initiated the process of making and developing large applications.
While such practices existed years ago. More modern approaches are contemplated as better methods to deal with complicated software in the composite environment.

PayPal used Node.js because of its simplified framework which can be used in the modern environment for software development and it even motivates the use of modular designs with the help of its tools and environment.

Using Node.js is a major decision which the company made at an early stage to procure an internal package registry in Node.js to govern the code centrally and empower the teams to collude more effectively and efficiently.

Each segment conveys significant functions that can be efficiently shared among the team mates and the across the platform of application.

Node.js fastens the process of app development and collaborates the team in an effective manner.

2. Ecosystem
The design of Node creates an ecosystem which is rich that facilitates a developer to build an application on such a modernized platform.

Node helps in merging the works of low-level system programs with that of the front-end javascript developers to empower the development at the server-side.

The repentances with the Node.js ecosystem makes it more convenient, adaptable and shared.

The package registry is the largest ecosystem package among all the ecosystems of different java scripts with 300,000 packages and where 300 new packages are added daily which makes the ecosystem three times larger than any other ecosystem.

3. Collaboration
Such large ecosystems and modern designs makes the Node a preferable option for all the developers as they enjoy collaborations.

The propensity of Java to develop massive bulky systems and combination makes allocation of components difficult.
Whenever the code gets shared in Java it is typically in the mode of large libraries. Node facilitates the process of app development in an easier and faster way.

The peculiarities of the components makes it easy to share across teams and applications.

4. Time to market
Less lines for coding, modular designs and such collaborations this all conjointly contributes quick time to market.

At Yahoo, Reid Burke at Node summit facilitated the teams of developers to start shipping the entire functional production ready Node apps in 30 days by anchoring modular designs with small changes and registry to collude more effectively.

The evolving nature of javascript facilitates different teams to recapitulate quickly and helps to deliver solutions in the market more speedily.

5. Operating costs
It becomes easier to develop an app as it is cost-effective. Developers and companies who utilize Node stated that it does not require more compute power to host such apps and Node leaves a small impression in the IT world.

The projections of Node with cloud computing and enabling team operation on one and one relationship between resources and servers.
Teams working on Node can develop an application much faster and it reduces labour costs which is attached to it.

Summing up
For the people who are new to Node needs to understand that it relishes solid support from the community from the Node foundation and the companies attached with it.

The benefits of using Node makes it more preferable over any other framework. So let’s start developing an app using Node.js which will prove beneficial for the developers as well as the companies.

Author Bio
Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading Node.Js development company. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development, and the latest technology trends.

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