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Office 365 Now Has Machine Learning Tools



The machine learning tools will help developers build and deploy machine learning models.

Office 365 is built on Microsoft’s powerful platform for AI that makes advancements in machine learning and AI accessible to every developer.  Office 365 is built on Microsoft’s powerful platform for AI that makes advancements in machine learning and AI accessible to every developer and organisation. From document translation to intelligent threat detection, AI is already enhancing the productivity experience of over 120 million commercial Office 365 users.

Today at Microsoft’s annual developer conference, the company announced a slew of new tools for its Microsoft 365 suite, which combines Windows 10, Office 365 and its Enterprise Mobility + Security package. Among the additions is Windows Machine Learning, a new platform that will help developers create machine learning models in the intelligent cloud and then put them into use.

Microsoft already uses AI in its Office 365 suite, inside the Windows 10 Photos app, with Windows Hello facial recognition as well as in services that aid cybersecurity professionals and help advertisers. And soon, with the next major Windows 10 update, developers will get access to Microsoft’s AI tools and be able to use them to build Windows 10 apps.

With the Windows Machine Learning tools ,  it will ensure that developers will be able to use pre-trained machine learning models, also ensuring real-time analysis of data for lower costs. And the AI platform can be used across a number of devices including IoT edge devices, HoloLens, desktop PCs, workstations, servers and data centres.

The new feature in Word and Outlook makes it easier for people to pull information from relevant files around their organisation into an email or document that they’re writing. For example, it might suggest that users add content from Excel or PowerPoint into an email. It’s aimed at helping people reuse content from within their organisation inside new emails and documents.

At the conference, Microsoft also announced its plans to introduce a voice and face recognition tool that will help make meetings very easy and amazing. The tool will help recognises speech patterns, automatically transcribing them for remote participants (capable of “multiple” simultaneous translations) in addition to visually recognising meeting participants as they walk into the room. And because the black, conical speaker is always listening, it means meeting notes are transcribed automatically.

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