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How Competitors Get The Edge On Their Rivals In The Online Gambling Sector


There are fewer sectors more competitive than the online gambling sector. Since the mid-90s, when the internet first became a common fixture in the family home, the industry has grown almost beyond recognition.

Today the industry is estimated to be worth an incredible $53.7bn, with nations around the world in putting into its total value. This includes those at the forefront of online innovation, as well as developing countries in North Africa and Southern Asia.

Furthermore, as online gambling restrictions are gradually relaxed in America, the battle being waged is perhaps fiercer than ever. In this article, we will look at the way that brands in the sector do battle to gain the edge on their competition.


One of the most noticeable ways that the online casino industry has evolved during the last 20 years is through the introduction of a more immersive gaming experience. This can be anything from high-end graphics and atmospheric sound, to the use of virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Brands in the sector also use live video, presenting the player with a real human dealer on the other side of the screen. This has helped to blur the lines between playing virtually and in real life.

And with tech like AR becoming more and more commonplace in the console and mobile gaming industries, we’re seeing brands in the world of casino experiment with possibilities, including using physical movements to turn a card or spin a wheel.

Source: Pexels


Bonuses play a huge part in the competition between online gambling companies. Brands work hard to offer players the most exciting incentives to open an account with them, while rewards are also available for players who stay loyal and play over a longer period.

In particular, the rise of price comparison sites is making this an even bigger focus for brands, with prospective players able to access websites like this on any given day and see the latest offers available across a huge range of providers.

Bonuses typically allow you to boost your deposit, provide free spins on a slots game, or pay back any losing first bets. Savvy players are always on the look-out for the best bonuses out there, so competitors really can’t afford to turn a blind eye.

Casual play

Perhaps the opposite of providing an immersive experience, providers are increasingly waking up the fact that many of their players prefer to enjoy their favorite games on the go, which generally means a smaller screen on a phone or tablet.

Providers that can deliver a slick experience to players in this way will inevitably gain an edge on competitors that can’t. Many websites offer different versions of their most popular games, depending on the device the player is using.

Downloadable apps are also great for tapping into the mobile market, as they give brands a more permanent presence on a prospective player’s device. It’s also much easier to deliver alerts and push notifications on an app, so many brands invest in this area to gain an edge on their rivals.

Source: Pexels

We hope you enjoyed this guide to three of the areas where operators in the online casino sector work to out-perform one another. And, it is perhaps those brands that are able to deliver a mixture of them all that stand the greatest chance of being successful in such a competitive market.

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