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Myths About Online Internet Privacy Debunked


Did you see the articles on online privacy claiming that your confidentiality will be completely removed from the internet? If so, this news may have been shocked you too like millions of other people. It has been a hot topic since then. The perception that is being built is that the bill will hurt your online privacy.

Multiple companies especially leading ones such as Google have filed lawsuits against the decision as a repercussion. Isn’t it ironic that the leading web service providers who have been taking the advantage of our digital prints are filing law suits for doing the same? Surely, it is. Do you know companies such as Facebook have actually generated their revenue and business model using our data? If this news has shocked and upset you, then you need to explore more about the online privacy. We’ve covered it all below.


All You Need to Know About Digital Prints and Internet Service Providers

While we’ve discussed the gist above, let’s also help you dig into more reality and explore the actual side in depth. One of the most important things that we normally observe is that Internet service providers – ISPs – know the nuts and bolts of all your personal secrets. Yes, it is true. Mainstream Publications claimed that ISPs will get to know each and everything about your internet presence.

Not only this, but you will be really upset to know that all your personal information and data is been available to the third parties too. And this has been happening since years now! Do you see those privacy policy and terms and conditions under each site? You shouldn’t trust those anymore. Of course, that is all just a conventionalism.

In fact nowadays, your digital print is everywhere if you do not use protection. While Facebook has misused your private data, Google on the other hand has been kind enough to let you know that when you use Chrome on your computer, mobile handset or any of your gadgets, Internet provider and companies you are logging to, will know your identity.

But some of them who are the leading ones such as Netflix and Amazon have not been regulated by the FCC. This is why, they have been able to trade and benefit out of your digital and private information for many years. Your internet service providers have your data and it is up to them if they want to share with the third parties.

Reliable internet service providers do not do so. There are many who have been making money, misusing your private data but many professional service providers have built their credibility with honesty. Windstream is one of the web service providers which has never misused data of individual users. Also, Windstream internet bundles come up with high-security plans for all web users because your privacy is of paramount importance to them.   


Use VPN Services

VPN services can secure you. They cannot safeguard you 100 percent but one thing is for sure, your data will not be shared with any third party or misused. Credible internet service providers ensure to provide VPN services along with their web services for all their users. That can give them a few extra bucks but can save your security. Your private data will be protected from online fraudsters.

Windstream internet plans realize that users like you have a massive digital presence which you need to keep secure and private. This is why, they have a set and organized VPN service along with all their internet bundles. Coming with all the security features you desire, they ensure no online fraudulent party is able to attack on digital platforms. In addition to being reliable and fast, this credible service ensures about your safety too. 

If you are really concerned about your privacy and safety, contact Windstream friendly customer support today and get it installed.

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