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Only 32% of people in emerging economies are connected to the internet- Read the report here


Internet.org which is a Facebook led initiative with the aim of getting more people connected to the internet across the world has released a report which you can read y here.

The report noted that only 40% of the world’s population have ever connected to the internet while only 37.9% of the world’s population uses the internet at least once a year. In 2010, Ericsson CEO predicted that there will be 50 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020. This report however noted that at the current pace, it would be up till 2019 to get 4 billion people connected to the internet. This should not be confused with the Ericsson prediction because the Ericsson report has to do with devices while the internet.org report borders on connectivity per individual. As a TechBooky report noted, there are now over 880 million mobile subscribers in Africa alone but that does not directly translate into internet connectivity.

internet.org mobile report

Mobile has played a major role in individual connectivity as more people have access to mobile devices and 3G networks.

The digital gap is still there

The report noted that about 78% people in the developed economies are online as opposed to the 32% online in the emerging world. Developing nations ought to do more to provide the necessary infrastructure to connect people while still putting affordability in focus.

There’s on piece of good news though, 3 billion are poised to be connected to the internet this year.

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