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Over 110 Million Devices Now Run Windows 10


Since Windows 10 became available to the public on July 29th 2015, Microsoft say about 110 million devices now run on its latest Windows operating system. Over 8 million business PCs are also said to be running Windows 10. . I’m personally humbled and excited to see people around the world loving Windows 10. Thank you for your feedback – the team and I love reading it and using it to help us shape the future of Windows” Terry Myerson who is the executive vice president of the Windows and Devices Group (WDG) said in the post. He continued by saying “With over 1.25 billion visits, developers are seeing the benefits – with developer revenue per download increasing four times since Windows 10 launched. This early activity is attracting new universal Windows apps to Windows 10. Today, we announced Facebook will be building universal Windows apps for Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.”

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