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How To Play Graphic Games On Your PC Without A Graphic Card


Many computer games work this way, updating the display of a scene in real time as the user interacts with the game. These programs take advantage of modern computer graphics cards (video cards) to handle much of the processing required to display each image. These video cards are designed to display three-dimensional (rendered) graphics at very high speed. For scientific applications, however, several factors can slow the graphics display process. 

As a current example, games for mobile phones may not have graphics as lavish as those of current home consoles; their controls are also simplified, since the buttons of the phone may be too small to assign one finger to each button, or a touch screen may only allow clicking and dragging. Thus the types of interface in mobile games are usually not particularly complex, from drawing cards in solitaire games, to moving puzzle pieces. When it comes to very huge games, the graphic cards must be good as well as having enough RAM to handle it. However there is a way to play high graphics games without graphics card.

To do this, open your browser, using preferably chrome, and using the Google search engine, search for NIVIDIA. Once the site is fully loaded, go to the driver’s option and download the GEFORCE EXPERIENCE driver and install it. After installation, open it and it will give you a list and load of all the games installed in your PC. Click on any game you want to play, then click on optimize, and then the game will be optimized to the point of it looking like a game with the full graphics.

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