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Dear Gamers, PlayStation VR Release Date Has Been Announced


13th of June, 2016 was a good day for the gaming world with announcements from Microsoft and now their closest rival PlayStation. It was all about Virtual Reality (VR) with Microsoft expected to launch its Project Scorpio next year. Project Scorpio is capable of displaying 4K content only this time it goes a step further from the Xbox One S (a  slimmer Xbox One that can display 4K content) by having Virtual Reality features.

Just after the Microsoft announcement, Sony has now revealed its own VR plans to rival the Microsoft’s Project Scorpio. This came at the E3 conference holding in Los Angeles in the US. October 13th is the launch date for the PlayStation VR. The headset costs $399/135,000 Naira but the bundle which is a headset, camera and controllers cost a $100/34,000 Naira more.

Facebook’s Oculus has started shipping as well and in April when Facebook released its overall statistics for the first quarter of 2016, it said Oculus had shipped with over 50 games and apps and just like that gaming as we know it is changing.

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