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Airbus Unveils A “More Realistic” Modular Flying Car Concept Called Pop.up


Airbus has been talking about its Vahana flying car project for over a year now but it’s now taking this concept forward by unveiling a new flying car project it calls “Pop.Up System”. At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Airbus and Italdesign announced Pop.up and presented it as system that offers modular functionality which means Pop.up can operate on both the land and in the air.

pop.up gif

    The Pop.up concept by Airbus and Italdesign takes off from a ground module

As you see in the YouTube video, they describe a futuristic transport mode that’s based on artificial intelligence which allows users call for a ride using a mobile app. Designed like a capsule, it is capable of connecting to either of its modules (ground or air) seamlessly which means customers of this mode of transport can specify which module they prefer to use. But in today’s world, such a system might sound like a sci-fi but don’t forget that some big names like Uber and Google’s Larry Page are already throwing money into such a concept which also means we could well be seeing this sometime.

To make it even more interesting, they have included a virtual reality environment into the concept that interacts with the passenger on just about any subject.

As of now though, we don’t know when the 8.5-foot long monocoque carbon-fibre passenger pod will become a reality or if it will be in this exact state when it does become a reality but remember that its concepts and ideas like this that have changed the world into what is now.

The project should also make environmental activists happy as it is powered entirely on clean energy like other flying car projects.

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