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How To Be Prepared For Upcoming AI Revolutions In 2019


Artificial Intelligence is touching the lives of people, whether you are a professional or a retired person. According to the McKinsey recent report, the corporations have tripled their investment in AI since 2013.

Image Source: CBINSIGHTS

The AI hype is not going anywhere in 2019. If you want to capitalise on the enormous investment in AI, get an artificial intelligence certification. Having AI certification in your portfolio will instantly raise your value in the eyes of employers.

Start Preparing for the AI revolution from today onwards

There are a couple of reasons why people never take correct actions:

  • They never seek new information
  • They procrastinate after reading articles like this one.

Be an action taker and start taking actions right away after reading this article. You will get some useful eye-opening insights after finishing this article. Let’s check out some major AI revolutions that we will most probably witness in 2019 and how we can take advantage of those changes.

  1. AI in politics will be more common than before

Whether you hate politics or love politics, you cannot get away from national and international politics. Before the evolution of AI and the internet, the mainstream media were the primary sources of information for the general public. However, the tables have turned now. The people today are more influenced by social media influencers.

Politicians with today’s powerful AI technology can catch the trends, know what the specific category of people want, and capitalize on hot social issues to create better political and advertisement campaigns. There is an excellent chance of politicians using AI for spreading fake news to incite hatred.

As a general public, you must be aware of all the propaganda and hatred on the internet and double check the information before believing on the political news found on the social media platforms and websites.

  1. More advanced AI assistants

How smarter can AI assistants get? We are still in an infancy of AI, so imagine what AI assistants can do when we reach the maturity of this technology. The Adobe Analytics study found that around 71% of smart-speakers users like Alexa, Siri, and so on using them at least once a day.

Image Source: VB

With tech giants increasing its investment in AI, you can expect smarter assistants in 2019. To become efficient in your daily lives, make the most out of your assistants. You will realise that they can save you a lot of time.

Let’s talk about the business side of assistants. You will no longer see dumb chatbots on the internet. Furthermore, the robotic conversations with chatbots will be lesser as we move ahead in 2019.

Image Source: Autodesk

Expect to get more humanly experience when dealing with virtual assistants in 2019. As a business person, you can rely more on chatbots and virtual assistants to efficiently do the jobs for you without having a fear of irritating customers with insensible assistants.

  1. The corporations will witness talent gaps

There is an unnecessary fear in the marketplace today of AI taking away humanity. The chances of AI taking over human society is not realistic. However, you can expect AI drastically changing the nature of jobs in the time to come.

The recent Gartner report predicts that 2.3 million new jobs will be there due to an explosive growth of AI. From restaurant to financial sectors, there will be a need of people who are familiar with AI.

Image Source: BBC

The NY Times reveals that tech giants are paying a fortune to AI specialists. Quickly find out the list of hot skills in your industry and start acquiring those skills to be darling of employers. Employers desperately need workers with the knowledge of AI. Keep in mind that you do not need to know everything under the sun about AI to crack the job.

  1. AI will have broader roles in many industries

AI have varying impacts, depending on the industry. However, the year 2019 could be the year when they will have more significant implications in many different sectors. The growing confidence among business people in predictive technologies will increase the demand for AI technologies.

In financial sectors, AI makes it possible to go through hundreds of thousands of transactions at a quicker rate with the help of machine learning algorithms. Retailers can find out the best products and offers for their potential customers by grabbing data from the moment they enter their stores. Manufactures will increase their use of predictive technology and IoT devices to lower their production cost and maximise their output.

Moreover, the supporting departments like HR, logistics, marketing, and so on will also see an increase in the deployment of AI technologies.

Image Source: IDC

Both employers and employees must focus more on capturing the highest return on investment by fostering AI education.

  1. Corporations will focus more on the better integration of AI with other emerging technologies

With AI, other technologies are emerging as well, such as IoT, analytics, and more. IoT sensors can collect tons of data at a rapid rate. Many executives see it challenging to integrate AI with other emerging technologies for a better return on investment.

DevOps techniques will be useful for better integrating AI with other emerging technologies. Just keep a close eye on the recent updates about the integration of AI with other emerging technologies and take necessary actions if you need to.


Final Thoughts

AI getting better means machines will start learning better than before. Human Beings need to be smarter than before and doing some manual routined works will not help them keep their jobs. To get the most out of AI, you must know how to use the technology. To do that, you must update your brain with new trends and information.

Businesses are planning to invest more money in AI in 2019 because AI is worth spending (Source). Whether you are from technology background or non-technology background, you cannot ignore data analytics in the age of AI. Learn about AI and help your employers to make more money and get your cut.

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