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How To Prevent Cyber-Attacks Using Physical Security Systems


As we begin 2021, cybersecurity remains an essential concern as ever. As we hear every other day of hacking incidents, having a robust security solution becomes absolutely crucial. If your IT network is exposed and vulnerable, it could even cost you a livelihood. Therefore, prevention remains the only solution to this, and in this article, we will discuss how to safeguard your business effectively with physical security systems. 


A cybersecurity concern

Physical security has always been a vital business practice in preventing unauthorized persons from causing harm in any way. Today, organizations consider physical security as a pillar of their cybersecurity. 

As criminals get smarter, your technology and investments in ensuring cybersecurity should be getting more intelligent as well. The physical locations can be well monitored with a surveillance camera system, audio detection, access control, and fire alarms for having a foolproof and comprehensive approach to protect from physical threats. 

Physical security is an essential backbone of data safety, and here’s how you can use it for your benefit. 


Restricted access

With robust physical security measures in place, you can restrict access that people have to your systems. It can be done on multiple levels and can be either employed by giving people limited access or creating authorization levels allowing proper individuals to access certain parts of the network. Anyone without security clearance cannot gain entry to a server room or even a stand-alone computer. 


Track of security breaches

Think of physical security as a gift that keeps on giving. Using surveillance cameras and other monitoring systems, you can keep track of any unauthorized action. Having compromised your network security is no good and not knowing at all that who did it is even worse. With physical security measures, you can monitor all the actions and that too in a myriad of ways. 


Deter unauthorized actions

One significant benefit of physical security is that people tend to get aware of it. When you employ it just the right way, it will help deter people from attempting to gain unlawful access. Not only this, physical security measures help in cultivating the efficiency of your team by building trust and promote a sense of security within your company. 

Quicker response times

Often, the companies cannot respond as quickly as needed towards data breaches, whereas time is significant in these instances. With physical security systems installed in place, companies can react faster and prevent further damage. You can expect real-time notifications that alert you of the breach or the cyber-attack. Moreover, these faster response times reduces the cost of data loss as well. 



Cyber threats are, unfortunately, a reality of today’s business. Preventing cyber threats or data breach goes beyond ensuring encryptions behind the lines of code. The physical security aspect is vital and cannot be left on its own. Physical and data security work in tandem to produce the best results and secure the company’s secure environment. 


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