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Progressive Web Apps Are The Future For Your Business


Organizations around the world need no rocket science to understand that mobile platforms are the area through which they can make money. Thus, it has become essential to incorporate the mobile platforms into the digital strategy. Researches done by top statistics platforms reveal that around 50% of the total website traffic comes from smartphones. This number will rise as the technology will become accessible in the developing nations as more customers will start using it.

Progressive Web application (PWA) is a very cost-efficient method. It will allow even the bootstrapped startups to work on the proliferating mobile platform. This is the reason why PWA has become the go-to technology for many startups and small and medium scale enterprises.


What is Progressive Web Apps?

Through Progressive web apps, you can design your mobile app website in the same manner as a Native app.  PWA gives responsive designs that can adjust all the devices like mobile phones, desktops, tablets, etc. With PWA, the businesses can capitalize on the mammoth amount of traffic on the mobile app and thus expand their horizons.


Stats about Progressive Web Applications that will amaze you

By Including PWAs, businesses have experienced some massive growth. Below are the statistics  of some of the significant benefits through Progressive Web Analysis

  • PWAs have provided a massive 137% increase in user engagement.
  • PWA has reduced the device storage required by 25 times.
  • There has been around a 43% decrease in bounce rates as compared to other mobile websites.
  • One can see a 78% increase in an average session spent by the user on the platform.

A detailed look at the Progressive Web Application functionalities for businesses

Offline mode for better accessibility

PWA has a competent and reliable caching mechanism that manages offline requests when there is a loss of connectivity. It sends the requests as soon as the connection gets restored; thus, no information or important data gets lost because of internet distortion. The productivity of your business does not get deteriorated because of loss of connectivity. Your users will not have problems accessing the website because of the lack of data.

Faster Loading Time

The technology enhancements with PWA will ensure that your mobile apps load faster whenever a user visits your platform. PWA has device-level caching, which enhances the user experience of the customer, and they are not burdened with a large number of data transmissions. With the device level caching, the visitor will get the content immediately, and the rest is loaded progressively in real quick time. Thus, the visitor receives similar kinds of experiences on the web as well as on mobile apps.

Add to Home Screen

With add to home screen feature, the user can have a native-like experience on the home screen. Progressive web applications give the same kind of visibility to the business like the Native Apps. PWA technology will allow the companies to customize their home screen according to the user, thus redefining their user experience. Personalizing the home screen will give an immersive experience to the user. Businesses can benefit from it as it helps to increase their userbase and give them positive ‘Word of mouth’ publicity.

Easier payment options

The businesses need to provide a simple yet secure payment platform to compel them to complete the buying process. Progressive web app development services provide a pretty straightforward, yet secured platform that allows the user to go about the payment process with ease. The checkout experience through PWA is consistent and quick, apart from being highly secured.

Over the years, Progressive web applications have revolutionized some of the global market leaders. Below is the list of some table toppers in their respective genre

Twitter: By including PWA, the bounce rate on the social media giant reduced to about 20%

Forbes: The user engagement on the digital platform increased by 100% with PWA

OLA: The mobile app traffic of OLA in the Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities was increased by 68% with the Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Flipkart: The conversion rate was increased by 70% as Flipkart incorporated PWA in its digital Strategy


How can PWA be the cornerstone in solving Modern Day Business’s ‘Achilles Heel’?

 Not playing by the app store rules

With PWA, your business doesn’t need to be solely dependent on the App Store or the play store. Your targeted customers can come across your mobile app through websites or various social media pages. Your mobile app will always remain updated, and the users can easily save the app on the home screen of the mobile device. PWAs allows the app producers to heed away from all the complications of the app store as they don’t need to be stored in these kinds of similar services.

One in every four users will not open your mobile app after downloading it, stagnating your business chances. With PWA, your app can always be in front of the screen of the users, which increases the chances of them using it more. 

Business can apply the mobile-first approach

PWAs can enable the companies to quickly go by the mobile-first approach and increase the userbase from millennials to Generation Z. Stats show that the app downloads on mobile will increase by 45% by 2022. By providing a seamless user experience, Progressive Web applications will play a significant role in increasing the rate of user engagement. The success of market leaders such as Makemytrip and Pinterest is a prime example of the positive impacts a well-structured progressive app can have on your business.

Boosting your brand on the digital platform

Progressive web applications take the online presence of your business’s digital platforms to a whole new level. It can improve the organic search ratio stupendously. Apart from giving all the features of a native app, PWAs are webpages that can be seen by the user through Google or Yahoo. Thus, providing an added advantage to your product. The companies can place their business logo on the mobile screen of various customers and get a full screen experience through the progressive web application.

An increased digital presence will have a positive impact on getting new leads for your business. Moreover, it will make it easier for your sales and marketing department to have a direct approach while going about their business.

Providing the best of web and mobile apps

Whether you are a budding startup or an established firm, opting for PWA will provide an overhauling experience taking the best of both web applications and mobile apps. You can access the Best features of the websites such as redirection, real-time content loading, and instant access to the browser are some of the high points provided by PWA. As far as Apps are concerned, having push notifications, offline access to the content and adapting to the full screen, etc.


Summarizing the PWAs

Progressive Web Applications are the way forward for the business not only to stay afloat in the cut-throat competition but to enhance their business as well. Organizations can use the large untapped mobile audience and give them an exuberant app experience and increase their userbase. With PWA, you will stay ahead of your peers by building long term loyalty with the customers.



Author Details:

Ashish Parmar is the CEO of Prismetric- one of the reliable mobile app development companies. He is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who is interested in discussing new app ideas and rich gadget tricks and trends. He admires and readily embraces signature tech business styles. He enjoys learning modern app crafting methods and exploring smart technologies and is passionate about writing his thoughts, too. Inventions related to mobile and software technology inspire Ashish and he likes to inspire the like-minded community through the finesse of his work.

My Offical Twitter Id: https://twitter.com/AshishHParmar

My Official LinkedIn Id:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashish0084/

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