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Project Management Lessons from the Great Pyramids Of Egypt (2)


The breathtaking view of the Great Pyramids of Egypt extends beyond being a tourist sight, to being a point of reference for architectural, technological and business advancement across the world. These man-made edifices inspire, educate and spur the world to greater achievements. Man has set foot on the moon, invented nuclear bombs, turned the world to a global village with the internet.

These successes are deeply rooted in the firm principles of project management. Ideas are great, risks are real, project failures are always imminent, but an accurate adoption of skilled project managers will ensure the success of projects from ideation to completion. In the first part of this article, three project performance factors, in line with project management framework were discussed. Let’s discuss the remaining four:

  1. Have a consistent methodology for planning and executing projects: There should be a detailed plan developed before any release date of a project is announced. Inadequate planning is one of the major reasons why projects spin out of control.
  2. Customer-Inclusion at every phase of the project: It has been observed that successful projects occur when end users (customers) and the project members work as teams in the same cubicle, although this is not always possible. Projects are less likely to fail if there are informed customers giving meaningful input during every phase of requirements elicitation, product description and implementation. The customer needs to be asking, “how are the project result used over time and what do I get out of the results?
  3. Teamwork and effective management: This involves managing and retaining the most highly skilled and productive people. Knowledge is money. A project team made up of higher paid people with the right specialized skills is worth more per dollar than a group of lower cost people who need weeks or months of training before they can start to be productive. Likewise, collaboration of efforts, skills and ideas by every member of the team will also save time, save cost and ensure the success of the project.
  4. Provision of tools and techniques for the project team: The project team must be skilled and experienced with clear defined roles and responsibilities. If not, there must be access to expertise which can benefit those fulfilling the requisite roles. Likewise, every necessary tool needed by the team must be provided to avoid delay and failure of projects.

A project manager that has learned how to imagine and execute life-changing projects can set a forest ablaze with just a matchstick. The success of the great pyramid opened the windows of the world for greater feats to be attained in life. As fast paced as the world might seem today, organizations without effective and experienced project managers are often lagging behind and at greater risk of things unknown.

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