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Reddit Is Bringing Promoted Posts To Its Mobile Apps


Been on Reddit? Or probably don’t know what the site is all about. Okay , It is an American social news platform , a web content rating and a discussion website ,where members submit their contents such as links , posts and images which are then voted up or down by other members of the platform.

As reported according to Marketing Land, Reddit has announced its own launched promoting posts on its mobile apps. The in-app promoted posts will represent a standard Reddit post, and which will be made available as early as next week.

The company said in an email to advertisers that its apps are the most popular way, in which its 330 million monthly active users can access Reddit content on their mobile. The social news aggregation platform is giving its advertisers a chance to reach its app users across the globe using the native in-feeds ads.

Also added by the company to the mail sent to the advertiser, the Advertisers will be able to target their ads based upon user interest, subreddit, location, device, and time of day.

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