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Protect Your Data In The Cloud Using These 8 Top Security Tools!


In an era where it seems as if Big data is now being embraced by organisations as a tool for better business decisions, it is imperative that you secure your organisation’s data. The security tips you see below will help you in this task. The list was complied by the Efytimes network


The QualysGuard Cloud Platform and integrated suite of solutions helps businesses simplify security operations and lower the cost of compliance. Qualys delivers critical security intelligence on demand. It automates the full spectrum of auditing, compliance and protection for IT systems and web applications.


This enterprise grade identity management service has been built from the ground up in the cloud. Allows IT can to manage access across any application, person or device. Leads to greater security, productivity and compliance with respect to employees, partners or customers or the cloud applications per say.


This security-as-a-service vendor delivers data protection solutions that help organisations protect their data from attack while also enabling them to effectively meet the complex and evolving regulatory compliance and data governance mandates that are the result of various highly publicised data breaches we hear about every day.

4.White Hat Security

WhiteHat was founded in 2001 by Jeremiah Grossman–a former Yahoo! information security officer. Since then it is known to provide a cloud-based technology platform along with a team of leading security experts. Serves companies in the areas of e-commerce, financial services, information technology, healthcare among others.


Zscaler’s Direct-to-Cloud Network enables businesses to make a cost-effective transition to cloud security. It protects the enterprise from advanced persistent threats while enabling users to go direct-to-cloud on any device, from any location whatsoever.


A pioneer in delivering cloud information protection, CipherCloud uses ground breaking technology we protect the entire lifecycle of your data from discovery, encryption, tokenisation to data loss prevention, malware detection, and ongoing monitoring etc.


Provides Unified Identity Services across data center, cloud and mobile. In this way it offers one single login for users and one unified identity infrastructure for IT. Lets organisations securely leverage their existing identity infrastructure to centrally and effectively manage authentication, access control, privilege management, policy enforcement and compliance.


Bidding adieu to on-premise constraints, docTrackr’s DRM server resides in the cloud itself and is designed to work across company boundaries and devices.

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