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Review: Here’s The Razer Man O’War 7.1 Wireless Headphone


Music is one medicine that has it way to every human’s heart which we all crave for almost every hour of the day either while cooking, washing or while working but the stress of an ear piece with cord makes this desire unattainable, but with the introduction of “THE RAZER MAN O WAR” original wireless headphone with LED light virtual 7.1 surround sound this year RAZER has ditched wireless connectivity bring same technology at low price.

At $120 the Man O war wired sits in the same price as other top tier headsets,if you don’t require wireless connectivity which adds an extra $50 to the price,this could be a great option for you though it does face stiff in the headset gaming competition.the man O war headset is designed in such great simplicity that all the control buttons are placed where they can be reached easily from the volume control,mic control.

These edition uses a same design as the wireless but this has a wire and the volume control and mic mic controls buttons are now on a small wire to enable the gamer reach them during a game session , the volume control is small and not as complicated than most costing headsets in the Headsets market. These has given the man O war headsets an edge over the rest and it is gamers friendly.

And the impressive things about this features is that it has three areas of articulation which are the the headsets frame around the ear cups are attached in two points which in a way allows the earcups to rotate up and down slightly to fit firmly and better on one’s ears with ease also each earcups mounts is height adjustable and rotates in an horizontal axis with this feature it allows the headsets to fit well and comfortable on the head.

The audio quality seems provides great audio quality in which its equaliser has a synapses software that makes it very easy to tune the song to the way you like it thereby adjusting the sound the way you want it to be and making the headsets sound way better than it was with just a minor turn on the adjustment button. The man O war razer is a virtual 7.1 which has a USB slot , that case it can be connected to any PC which has a standard 3.5mm connector once inserted and connected the man O war is channels its sound to game and any application.

If you love music and are a lover of musical gadgets you will love this, it sound quality and audio translation is epic giving you all the satisfaction you need in music and with its well structured earcups which is comfortable on every ears and it bass tone is totally on point. What better way to describe this than for you to get yours and try it yourself and enjoy every feeling from it.

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