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Replies And Attachments Will No Longer Count In Twitter’s 140 Character Rule From Next Week


Back in May, Twitter announced that it was coming up with ways soon to allow users have longer tweets. It looks like that day is now the 19th of September which is exactly six days from today. This means that from next Monday, Twitter will stop counting media (photos, videos, GIFs, polls etc) will no longer count as characters in a tweet which is currently limited to 140 characters with the exception of direct messages (DMs). Another feature that will no longer count includes “Replies” which then means that @names will no longer count toward the 140-character count.

While Twitter has greatly benefited from its self-imposed 140 character limit, it might also be time to allow people users complete a good sentence in one tweet. Before this, you would have to break a single announcement into a series of tweets with some lost in the ever busy feed. It is estimated that users send about 347,222 tweets per minute each day on Twitter.

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