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Quick Tips To Restore SQL Server Database From Inaccessible MDF File


Looking a solution for how to restore SQL Server database from inaccessible MDF file? If your answer is yes! Then you have landed on the page. In this post, you will get a simple step by step guide that will let you know how to restore data from corrupt, damaged or inaccessible MDF files. 

SQL Server can be termed as one of the strong pillars for most organizations and businesses as it preserves all the data in a secure manner. MS SQL server stored all the data in MDF files. Sometimes, due to software crash, power fluctuation, faults in networking cable, or hard disk failure. All data stored in the MDF files become inaccessible to the users. That’s why database administrators recommend to take data backup of MDF file periodically. These backups or .bak files can be used to retrieve the SQL Server database when the original MDF files become corrupt or inaccessible.


Before going on to the solution let us see a real-life user query:

Hi, a few days back my system has encountered a severe breakdown. Due to which my database file (.mdf file) gets damaged and the data stored in it become inaccessible. Can anyone suggest me the easiest and effective technique to restore data from inaccessible MDF files?”

If you are tangled up in the same situation. Here, we have the best solutions for you.

So, let’s get started


Restore SQL Server database From Backup File

Follow the given instructions carefully to restore the database from the healthy .bak file of MS SQL Server:

  • Launch SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) on your computer and right-click on the databases folder.
  • Afterward, select the Restore Database option from there and then check the radio button corresponding to the From Device option.
  • Here set the backup media type as file and then press the Add button.
  • Choose the backup file to restore the SQL Server database and then click the OK button.
  • Wait for some time and your database is restored successfully, a confirmation message will be arrived simply hit the OK button.


Professional Solution to Restore SQL Server Database From Inaccessible MDF File

The manual solution provides above does not work, if the user doesn’t have a healthy database backup file. In such situation, we always recommend you to the help of an advanced SQL Recovery tool. It is a professional enterprise-grade level software that has the potential to fix all database corruption issues without any change in the original content of the MDF file. It can also recover deleted SQL database objects including Tables, Indexes, Functions, Values, Keys, Views, Rules, Triggers, Stored Procedures, so on and shows them in Red color. 

Moreover, with this application users can export the recovered data of MDF files directly to the SQL Server database or as SQL script. This application is compatible with the MDF files created in any versions of SQL Server such as 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, and all below versions.


Steps to Restore SQL Server Database From Inaccessible MDF File

Step 1. Launch the SQL Recovery tool on your machine and click on the Open button to load the .mdf file into the software.

Step2. Select a scan mode and then choose the Microsoft SQL Server version of the MDF file. Click the OK button to proceed.

Step 3. Once the scanning process gets completed, preview all the data of the MDF file. After that, press the Export button to export the recovered data.

Step 4. Now, select an export option (either SQL Server Database or SQL Server Compatible Scripts) to export the recovered data and fill all the details accordingly. After that, choose desired data items from the Export Window and hit click the Export button.


Final words

There are several reasons due to which the SQL Server database MDF file gets corrupt data stored in it becomes inaccessible. However, in this technical post, we have mentioned two simple and reliable approaches using which you can restore SQL Server database from inaccessible MDF file without a hitch. Read the complete post and choose the solution as per your requirement.

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