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Revamped Paint App On Windows 10 Lets You Draw In 3D


Since Microsoft released the popular Paint app, it has been overshadowed by other picture tools like Photoshop among others but it looks like the app is once again ready to compete. Microsoft is reportedly working to release a new Paint version for Windows 10. The new app will allow drawing in 3D and offer a new range of brushes.

The video from Microsoft enthusiast WalkingCat on Twitter gives us a quick demo on what to expect when the new version is finally released.

Microsoft has a range of markers and art tools to help artists create objects, and brushes that can be used directly on 3D objects. All of the tools appear to be pen- and touch-friendly, with an interface that mixes 3D models, 2D images, stickers, and community tools for 3D content.

This just happens to coincide with Microsoft’s announcement of an event later this month where we expect them to unveil new Surface devices.

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