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How Reverse Image Search Tool Helps In Finding Image Source


Creating an image and copying it are two very different things. To create an image, immense effort is needed. Image creators are very creative professionals who put in a lot of hard work to produce the finest images. How do you know that the image which you have created is not being used by someone else? Other than that, it is very important to keep a check on where your image is being used. This is very much possible if you are using a quality reverse image search tool. With such tools, it is quite easy to determine the actual source of the image. If you are the image owner, you can get a complete list of all web domains where your image has been uploaded. A reverse photo lookup platform is the best one when we have to evaluate the uniqueness of an image, and find out it’s actual source.

Image Source is important to avoid plagiarism

There is no issue if you feel that an image matches your needs. You can use it but the correct protocol has to be followed. First of all, you should know about the original source of the image. Make sure that you are downloading the image from the actual source. This is mandatory because if you download the image from any randomly selected website, the creator of the image would not get the due credit of his hard work. When you know about the original source, you can download the image from there. In this way, the image creator would be given proper credit for the effort that has been put in.

Process to determine actual image source

The usage process of reverse image search tools is quite simple. You do not need to be a technical professional to use such tools. Given below are the steps which users have to follow.

First of all, select a good dependable reverse image search tool. After that, upload the image for which you need to execute the reverse image search process. Apart from uploading the image from your repository, the other option is pasting the URL of the image for which a text box is provided. Once you have uploaded the image or pasted the URL, the results would show all appearances of the image. After that, you would be able to get your hands on the actual image source.

Get better image resolution with actual source

Downloading an image randomly is not the way to go because you would not get the best resolution using this option. The only way to get high quality images is downloading them from the actual source. To start with, you need to access the original source of image using a proper reverse image search tool.

Here are the steps which you would be required to follow.

  • Quality reverse image search tools have a simple interface so you would not have to go through any tough journey. You need to start by uploading the image for which the reverse search has to be performed.
  • The image can also be selected by pasting the URL. This is all that needs to be done. Once you click the search button, all appearances of the image and similar pictures would be shown to you. In this way, you would be able to reach to the actual source in an easy manner. The best way to find an image with high quality resolution is to get hold of the actual source.

Reverse image search through Google

Google is one of the biggest search engines and offers a quality reverse image search option to the user as well. If you are performing the reverse search on an Android device, it is advisable to have Chrome browser installed. Here are the key steps which you would be required to perform.

  • First of all, open the link (images.google.com) and search for an image according to your need. If you want images of a particular smartphone, type the name in the Google search box.
  • Once you click the search button, a long list of images would be shown on your screen. Once you find the required image, tap it until it opens in full resolution. After that keep the image pressed for few seconds after which you would see the option “search for Google” on your screen. This option basically shows all the instances of an image including the actual source. When the actual source is identified, you can download a high quality image in a convenient and easy manner.

Reverse Image search and plagiarism problems

It is not ethical to copy an image which you have not created from the start. Coming up with a proper image is not an easy task. It requires proper planning, concept creation, amazing creativity level and high dedication level. It is obviously not correct if you are downloading an image from any random source. It is important to avoid image plagiarism and give due credit to the person who worked immensely hard. By using the reverse image search, you can get your hands on the actual source in a convenient manner.

  • If you are accessing an image from the actual source, you can be absolutely sure that the quality would be top notch. If the website allows you to download and reuse the image, you should do so. However, the important part is that you should appreciate the effort of the image creator. For instance, if you are using the image in a blog, provide a link to the actual source. In this way, when people visit your blog, they would check the original source if they find the image impressive, they would visit the actual link as well.

Summing It Up

Most website owners do not want to put in the effort and come up with a unique image. They simply access the internet and copy an image which they find suitable. We as users should search for the actual sources of the image so that the creative expert who worked hard to deliver the image can attain the needed benefits. In a nutshell, these tools make the actual source apparent and provide you with a complete picture of links where the image has been used.

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