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Selecting The Right Technology For Your Enterprise Mobile Application


Are you an IT company? Are you in a requirement of an application that is custom made to your needs? Well, not only you many other successful and developing IT companies need applications that are tailor-made to their needs. The purpose of these applications can be different as per different company needs. Many companies may need this application for the attendance of the employees, work reports, automated billings, etc.

What is Enterprise application?

Enterprise applications are applications that are specifically designed as per the company needs. This application basically refers to a mobile application that solves business problems of an enterprise. This application enables the company to interface or combines with other enterprise application that the company holds that other commercial apps are unable to do. With the help of enterprise apps, all the employees can have access to the same application like other employees in the company.

Enterprise app needs to large enough to handle the traffic of many employees and the data transactions. It needs to be business oriented to meet certain business requirements that any commercial apps won’t be able to fulfil. It also needs to be strong enough to tolerate the continuous operation. Apart from that an enterprise app also needs to be reliable, efficient, and robust just like any other commercial app.

But to be able to create such app you need to do the research and see which technology is the right choice for your enterprise app. There are several technologies that can be used to create your application. For instance, there are several programming languages to select from, several mobile platforms, frameworks, etc. Here are some popular and effective technologies listed out for you, so you can select the appropriate technology for your enterprise app.

Web apps

A web app or a mobile RIA is designed to work inside the browser of the device. It is designed with the help of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Certain device features are not accessible to this type of apps, but the changes in the apps can easily be implemented with just a refresh to the page. This type of apps has three subtypes – Traditional, Responsive, and Adaptive.

Traditional: Traditional apps are the basic apps that work on the web browser of the device. It is the normal kind of web app.

Responsive: It takes a different approach. It changes the design when accessed from a mobile device and adjusts its design according to the device it is viewed from.

Adaptive: An adaptive web app doesn’t change its design but instead it fits its screen size according to different devices with different screen sizes.

Native apps

Native apps are apps designed to be compatible with the platform whose SDK was included into the app during the development. For example, if you develop your app with Android native SDK, your app will be compatible with Android and the same goes for iOS, Blackberry, and Windows. The primary advantage of native apps is that it enhances the user experience because of the app is designed specifically for that platform. Java is used for Android, Swift is used for                 and C# is used for Windows. IDE’s like Eclipse, Android Studio, and Visual Studios are used for development. If you want to access any updates in the app, you require to re-download of the app from the app store.

Hybrid apps

Hybrid apps are the new technological revolution in the app development business. Developers write the program in a predefined set of programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, or CSS. It’s the framework that works the magic of the app running on multiple platforms. There are several frameworks that make this possible such as PhoneGap, Xamarin, Appcelerator, RhoMobile, etc and many frameworks provide the same API’s to access native device features. The same IDE’s as the native apps can be used for development. And just like Native apps, if you want to access any updates in the application, you need to re-download the app from the app store.

These are the technology that can be used for your Enterprise app development. Many companies choose from these technologies for their Enterprise app development in Melbourne (Australia), Bengaluru (India), London (UK), and San Francisco (the USA) which are some of the popular IT hotspots in the world. But you have to be careful regarding the choice. Your selection shouldn’t be based on the popularity of your technology, but it should be based on the needs of your enterprise. So, you should ensure that the technology that you select should be able to address the issues that you have.


Author info

Jay Patel is a blogger, Wikipedia of latest programming trends, and owner of the Vrinsoft in the Melbourne Australia. He loves to share their knowledge on informative guest posting and social media sites related to various programming category.

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