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Samsung’s Prototyped Galaxy OS Exclusively Entices iPhone Users — A Game Over As scheme


…Samsung’s incomparable marketing scheme depicts creativity tied with expertise.

South Korea tech company, Samsung, released a new website dedicated to iPhone users, aiming to give them a glimpse of expertise incomparable to Apple and other smartphone makers. A strategic tactic to acquire its counterparts user-base.

The site is designed to promote Samsung as a priority brand. Samsung stationed in New Zealand developed the prototype Galaxy website to detect users who access its link via an iPhone. While the site loads its contents, a notification pops, prompting you to add its lite version on your home screen — afterward, the shortcut displays as a feign Samsung galaxy interface.

Although, Samsung built this website with finite functions for the sole purpose of marketing while iPhone users are their targeted audience — aiming to rival Apple strategically.

This limited version of Samsung’s experience also features a famous influencer, Logan Dodds — Logan’s video pops up when you open the camera app, while he narrates other interesting facts tied with Samsung’s tech.

Meanwhile, clicking other apps that is visible on your home screen, you will realize that Samsung’s showing off its other app and its device interface portrays the tough competition in the industry — marketing on their rival’s atmosphere seems challenging. System apps such as Settings, Contacts, Text Messages, and Phone are also included.

Diving deeper into this prototyped version of Samsung’s Galaxy OS featuring on iOS platform — Samsung text messages comes with a new feature the smartphone maker dubbed “Friends with Kids” that allows users to search for friends — especially when the recipient receives a message with gibberish content.

The settings app has a pre-written text by the developer, a protip that highlights the simplicity of its systems’ interface; “We’ve simplified the settings menu experience, just so our developer could have a lunch break.”

Apple has been the #1 in the tech industry overtime. It is game over for the iPhone maker if this tactic devised by the South Korean tech company transpires a massive shift of multiple iPhone users, demanding a switch to Samsung’s product.

Samsung’s latest website is exclusive to the iOS user-base that also threatens their existence in the industry. Meanwhile, accessing this site with another operating system other than iOS displays a short message that reminds you of an Android user. While the desktop version of the site displays a QR code that can only be accessed with an iPhone.

In contrast with other tech companies or smartphone makers that pest users with disturbing ads, Samsung’s incomparable ads marketing scheme depicts creativity tied with expertise.

Samsung’s latest move has proven its responsiveness in the industry compared to LG’s smartphone business that folded due to minor setbacks.

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