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The Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Feature Can Be Fooled By A Photo But Samsung Says Not To Worry


Samsung’s newest phone Galaxy S8 which launches on the 21st of April comes with a new facial recognition feature that lets you unlock the phone simply by looking into the front camera.

But as you see in the video attached by iDeviceHelp, the feature is not as secure as you might think. The feature was able to get fooled by a picture even though it took a while it worked. The video has sparked some outrage from the public but in a statement to Business Insider, a Samsung official says the feature wasn’t intended to be a secure one but a way to simply unlock the Galaxy S8. The spokesperson added that you should take advantage of biometric (fingerprint and iris scanners) features to do so. The device we hear will warn you about this should you want to reply on it for securing your device.  

The challenge here for Samsung is that it’s difficult to convince a vast majority of users not to rely on this as a security feature because whatever grants your access to the Home Screen should be considered secure or why would a feature like facial recognition just be another way of opening your phone?

Knowing this, please use this feature carefully.

Windows Hello which uses the same technology process to unlock Windows based devices is considered more secure. It uses special sensors to read the contours of your face and it’s so accurate that it can differentiate between identical twins.

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