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Samsung May Be Working On Two More Foldable Phone Models


South Korean Samsung and Chinese Huawei dazed the world with their foldable phones in the last two weeks. But now it looks like the South Korean company has two new foldable phones in the works. This is according to Bloomberg citing people with the matter that Samsung is working on a clamshell design and an out-folding design.

The clamshell design implies the gadget folds top to bottom, much like the Samsung W devices. In any case, we’d expect a long, consistent screen here, rather than a keypad on the lower half.

“Samsung plans to unveil the vertically folding phone late this year or early next year, and is using mock-ups to fine-tune the design, the people said. The gadget is designed with an extra screen on the outside, but the manufacturer may remove it depending on how customers respond to a similar display on the Galaxy Fold”

The out-collapsing structure, notwithstanding, is a similar key methodology taken by Huawei’s Mate X, having for a distinct effect contrasted with the Galaxy Fold. Samsung’s foldable telephone overlays inwards and has a different cell phone screen outwardly when collapsed. In the meantime, the Mate X utilizes some portion of the tablet screen as the cell phone screen, lessening the requirement for an independent display in any case.

The people Bloomberg spoke to state that the clamshell foldable smartphone will be unveiled either in the not so distant future or from the get-go in 2020. The gadget obviously has a screen outwardly, however its guaranteed Samsung could remove it relying upon how the recently launched Galaxy Fold is received when it starts shipping this April. The out-collapsing foldable telephone is tipped to be unveiled after the clamshell gadget, and it’s said to be in prototype right now. The telephone is said to do not have an additional screen, much like Royole and Huawei’s contributions.

Moreover, the sources state Samsung could incorporate an in-display fingerprint sensor into the foldable devices probable all screen (Apple is rumoured to be thinking of an all display Touch ID iPhone too).

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