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Samsung Launches iOS Apps For Its Wearables

Paul Balo

Samsung has launched a new Gear S and Gear Fit apps less than a year after it unveiled its Gear S3 and this means that iOS users will be able to enjoy the Samsung Gear S3’s timeless and stylish design, IP68 water and dust resistance, as well as the built-in GPS, Alti/barometer and Speedometer apps. It is available in two bold models. Buying a Gear S3 before now as an iOS users was not a very good experience because let’s face it, you could easily just download apps to your iPhone that practically do the same thing. But there are those who like the Samsung wearable and still want to retain their iPhone and it is for such users that the latest apps were launched.

In as much as the experience won’t still be like when you are an Android or Samsung smartphone user, you’ll still be able to receive notifications and track your health data.

The S3 is a beautifully designed smartwatch that has the look of a traditional wristwatch but seeing as it doesn’t run on a Samsung owned OS, it may still be at a disadvantage compared to the Apple Watch.

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