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Samsung Reports Another 5G Test Success


It’s been quite a story for Samsung and 5G since it first announced that it has recorded a success milestone in the 5G field. They announced at the time that they had achieved transmission speeds of 940MB per second in a stationary environment or indoor (a controlled environment). To make the 5G dream a reality in the real world which is not controlled, they proposed 5G Rainbow which was designed to foster more engagement towards developing an eventual standard for the next generation telecom technology.  They identified seven primary areas that required discussion namely; data rate, spectral efficiency, data transmission, simultaneous connections and cost among others.

Fast forward two years after the Samsung announcement in 2014. The 3GPP which is the body tasked with developing such telecom standards announced back in July that it had set June 2018 as the time when they expect to release 5G radio standards. “We now have a more concrete plan to guide the studies in the Working Groups and to put us in the position to address both short term and long term opportunities of 5G,” said Dino Flore, Chairman of 3GPP TSG RAN.

That said, Samsung has now successfully conducted a 5G test with China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI) in June 2016. In a statement, they said “key technologies like spatial modulation and FBMC (Filter Bank Multicarrier) are validated for the low-frequency (3.5GHz), the performance of throughput, outband emission are tested. With Samsung’s ultra-high frequency 5G prototype system and devices powered by advanced beam forming technology, Samsung and China Mobile Research Institute sought to verify mmWave technology’s performance and frequency characteristics jointly, including mobility, peak throughput, and multi-user scheduling capacity, as well as mmWave transmission at indoor, penetration loss, etc.”

Over the years, they recorded success in handover in multi-cell mmWave networks too. But they are not alone in this as Verizon and AT&T have both announced plans to test the possibility of deploying the super-fast 5G on their networks.

It now looks as if it’s all moving so fast now. Just like that, we are now looking forward to the 5G era.

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