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SAP Leonardo And Blockchain Technology Are Used To Develop A Logistics App


SAP Leonardo is a parasol term for SAP’s digital transformation system. The solution is an assortment of micro services and software that allows enterprises to reap benefits of varied cutting-edge technologies. These innovative technologies comprise the blockchain, Internet of Things, machine learning, advanced analytics, Big Data and more.

Recently, the development of software and hardware that can be used in the Internet of Things (IoT) is doing a lot of buzz. SAP has therefore launched SAP Leonardo, its framework can be combined with machine learning, blockchain, and IoT. This framework combination offers a seamlessly working app that functions all around the world.

Once you have determined to develop a logistics app in association with SAP Leonardo solutions, it is recommended to build an app prototype. This prototype will act like a roadmap and signify the latest technologies that your team is likely to implement.

Of all the features, the logistics app is mainly measured based on the transportation of goods. There are multiple factors that can be a hurdle in the smooth chain of transportation. Some of these hurdles are improper handling, adverse weather conditions, abrupt movement, etc.

However, you can ensure smooth transportation and cargo process and overcome all these challenges with the help of SAP Leonardo solutions. Before we into the intricacies let’s have a glimpse of a few essential stats about SAP Leonardo presented by HG Data Insights-

  • Almost 50 companies tied with Leonardo gain revenue of more than $50billion.       
  • Currently 140 companies use SAP Leonardo.
  • The IT industry is a front runner in leveraging Leonardo.

To build a logistics application using SAP Leonardo you must make use of these four technologies-

  • IoT
  • Blockchain
  • SAP Cloud Platform
  • SAP S/4 HANA

Combining IoT with Blockchain

Based on a programmer’s perspective, IoT has the potential to transform everyday objects into smart objects. IoT has the power to add more information to the basic object and convert it into a smart object. IoT has become an essential data source tool for several enterprises.

In order to gain fruitful outcome from this IoT SAP framework you must connect to it using MQTT or REST protocols. A seamless integration of the app is possible through the SAP IoT platform. The smart objects can successfully send real-time information into the IoT platform. This information can be serialized and forwarded to the custom designed system. The system then analyzes this data and generates an output in a human-readable format. You can also set a micro flow to combine the incoming data. Make sure to do it in such a way that it can be directly sent to the processing system for output.

Collaborating SAP Leonardo with Blockchain

Most people are acquainted with the idea of distributed ledgering across numerous systems through the blockchain. In this process, various uses of blockchain are overlooked such as developing and enforcing smart contracts. These are agreements that automatically check whether certain conditions are met and performed.

For instance, the client can be directly updated about the delay in their delivery due to adverse weather conditions. Once the contract is struck, immutability of blockchain allows a perfect flow of smart contracts by altering all hurdles. The SAP’s blockchain services enables a chain code that helps you to accomplish basic functions. It is based on Hyperledger Fabric-an open source platform. However, this concept is not incorporated in cryptocurrency.

SAP Cloud Platform

You can run apps effortlessly on the cloud with the help of the SAP cloud platform- an open source PaaS. The solution reaps benefits from business applications and in-memory database technology to deliver robust and flexible multi-cloud architecture. Moreover, it can manage communication process swiftly and regularly update the cloud portal that comprises a database solution.

SAP S/4 HANA Connection With SAP Leonardo

You can determine the order likely to be affected by any unforeseen incidents like weather changes, etc. This is when SAP S/4 HANA cloud development services come into picture. You can acquire complete access to all your business operations. This way, you can note details of sales, purchase and other order details and streamline your business activities.


When SAP Leonardo is collaborated with blockchain, S/4 HANA, IoT and cloud solutions it turns out to be an exciting experience. You can acquire useful insights and valuable data through the bridge between the objects.

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