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See Pictures Of Facebook’s Data Centre In Sweden


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared images of their data centre somewhere in Sweden in a series of pictures he promised to release over the next few months.

Today though, he took Facebook to give us a rare view of the energy efficient data centre deep in Luleå Sweden.

Located in a cold region, it has draw in the outside air to cool the tens of thousands of servers in the data hall. In the winter, when temperatures plunge to -30 degrees the situation is reversed, and the heat from the servers warm the massive buildings.

Last year, Facebook announced that it was building a $500m data centre in Texas that would run strictly on renewables.

Like I said at the beginning, it’s this post is more about Facebook showcasing their hardware technology s if you call it a show off, you may be right. But seriously, Facebook is making some serious inroads into hardware. They unveiled Area 404 in August which is responsible for making hardware for Facebook. It’s just as cool as the pictures attached.

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