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See these 10 Technologies transforming the developers’ world


1. Frameworks:

Programming is mostly sourced from others’ works these days. In this case, the right framework is very important along with correct research of API and perfect coding. Web pages no more depend on HTML or CSS, rather coding starts with Ext JS or ExpressJS these days. So find out the right framework, if you want to create write coding for your project.

2. Libraries:

Framework should be closely associated with library too as coders these days cannot survive without libraries. You cannot create a code without jQuery. Library knowledge is something programmers must have these days. Knowing a language is not always sufficient for a programmer now.

3. APIs:

Programmers used to follow data structures, but that’s a tale of history now. Now the compiler does the job for the programmers. An API is very important these days which are normally run by different persons and different companies too.

4. Browsers:

Software was once written for desktops, servers and devices too. Now everything is related to the browser. Games are also played on browsers these days and JavaScript developers are trying their best to make the most of the browsers.

5. Application containers:

Building a server was not an easy task in old days. But now application containers like Docker with right libraries are helpful in building servers easily. Everything is packed together now.

6. Infrastructure:

Programmers get help from infrastructure these days as this service helps create a new server for a new project. With this service programmers can lo
g into a website and get machine learning from them.

7. Node.js and JavaScript:

Dynamic servers were created through interaction with databases. But now everything can be done through JavaScript. The browser seeks JavaScript while the server layer is made of Node.js and the database layer of MongoDB and CouchDB. HTML is also specified with a javaScript code for a framework.

8. Virtual machines:

These days codes are mostly written on virtual machines which can translate instructions. Virtual machines are growing more popular to create a new language. You can create your own browser and language, or you can cross-compile it to be emulated in JavaScript.

9. GitHub, SourceForge:

Code sharing sites are great to be explored in the open source world. Code sharing is a social network and sites like SourceForge and GitHub server the purpose. This model is dominant these days for developers.

10. Performance monitoring:

Power of code could be tracked in a simpler way in previous days. But now the modern tools can track the network calls for the network of software. Connected tools monitor the performance of your code and programming skills too.

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