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See This 43 Inch 4K Multi Channel Monitor Solution From Dell To Replace Multiple Screen Operations


Dell announced a multi-monitor desktop called Dell 43 Multi-Client Monitor (P4317Q) designed for financial institutions and software developers mostly. That’s not to say it can’t be used in other professions as well. The monitor is capable of running as a single monitor at 3840×2160 and separate into four independent monitors at 1080p each. This Ultra HD 4K2 display is an improvement from the past  where you would need different displays to have achieved something like this because of pixel (resolution) disparities. The typical financial trader/software developer  would connect about three screens together to achieve a simple goal of monitoring different performances and results in real time and that’s what Dell wants to solve in a nut shell with this 43 inch display device.

Businessman seated at desk using Dell Wyse 3000 Series zero client for Citrix (Model 3002), Dell P4317Q widescreen flat panel monitor, and Dell KB813 Smartcard Keyboard, with female colleague in desk across from him.

“Designed in conjunction with financial services customers, the Dell 43 Multi-Client Monitor gives traders a large, crisp viewing experience on a 43-inch (108 cm) screen that delivers Ultra HD 4K2 or four separate Full HD resolution screens without the interruption of bezels, as well as a matte finish that reduces glare and strain on eyes. This large, single-screen display allows traders to quickly focus on content from any one of the connected clients and zoom in to the full screen, and the Enhanced Dell Display Manager enables higher productivity through side-by-side or quad-screen viewing. Whether it’s a spreadsheet, a financial model or the latest stock performance, users are able to view and zoom in3 on the information they need in one place.”

Dell monitor P4317Q_lfp_00000f90_gy_FillLG

By putting multiple monitors into one display, this screen is energy efficient and according to a Dell estimate, about 30% of energy is saved eventually. Effect of light on the eyes is also greatly reduced because of the matte finish in addition to the dual 8W speakers. There is a RS232 port which allows remote management and using the Dell example, the IT department would be able to  carry out maintenance and other activities remotely. There is also a four point USB 3.0 hub attached to this monitor as well. It also features simultaneous feed from four separate systems if they have the right video ports on them. In essence, this means you can display activities of different computers on this screen for easy management and this is a great feature for developers for source code reading and gamers alike.

No pricing was provided in the post but it sure looks like the demand will be high especially among financial institutions.

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