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How Content Marketing Can Help Local SEO Rankings For Real Estate Businesses


Real estate is one business that can truly benefit from local SEO. People usually refer to their nearby realtors to buy their dream homes. Hence, a real estate business that invests in local SEO can attract more potential homebuyers from nearby areas. This will not only help real estate businesses grow, but it will also help them expand their branches in different cities. Content marketing services can usually optimize websites for local SEO and boost their online visibility.

Here are just a few ways how local SEO can help real estate businesses grow.

Regular SEO Audits

SEO audits make sure your site is primed for SEO

An SEO audit identifies which areas of your website need work. This is necessary to find out which SEO essentials are absent and which ones need to be optimized. 

During a comprehensive SEO audit, the entire site is analyzed for the overall structure, page structure, the content, and the keywords. Other things that are looked at include inbound and outbound links, usability, etc. These decide whether a site will rank well on Google’s search results for “near-me” searches. A website’s design also determines its responsiveness and loading time.

An SEO audit tackles all facets of a website’s search engine optimization. Not only does it ensure that a website is optimized for search, but it also analyzes its responsiveness. This ensures that users are likely to find the site and stay for an extended period.

Optimizing Your Website for SEO

SEO optimization makes it so your site tracks well

Optimizing a website for local SEO includes addressing the issues detected in an SEO audit. This usually involves building the site’s structure or organizing it around SEO. Hence, it focuses on the way the pages are structured, the images inserted, and the backlinks are optimized.

Here are a few optimization techniques:

  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Optimizing images, image descriptions, and the meta tags, descriptions, and titles
  • Placement of internal and outbound links/fixing broken links
  • Optimizing the site for speed and responsiveness and getting rid of bloatware and irrelevant content
  • Keyword research and analysis; this can change with time for seasonal sales, etc.
  • Optimization for mobile devices since the majority of browsing now occurs on mobile devices
  • Application of SSL Certificates, W3C validation
  • Bounce Rate Optimization

Listing Your Business on Google

Google listings help you track for nearby queries

This is necessary for “near-me” searches. It’s becoming more common to search for businesses through Google Maps. Hence, you need to list yours on the Google 3-pack. This includes Google Maps, Google My Business, and Google+. Listing your business on these platforms improves your chances of being discovered by nearby clients.

A great description for a Google My Business page and a complete listing for Google maps can go a long way. The latter allows customers to contact you through a listed telephone number, a website, or a landing page, etc.

Making Separate Landing Pages for Each Location

Separate landing pages help to improve local SEO

Creating separate landing pages for different locations can help you maximize your client intake. These pages can help clients find the closest location to their homes. Professional content writing experts can help you with this endeavor.

Writing a Blog

Blogs written on interesting topics can expand your reach to specific internet users

Properly optimized content for your audiences doesn’t just comprise of a landing page. You also need to run a blog that talks about interesting topics that your audience may have an interest in. This could be the rising real estate prices, special offers, different types of homes on sale, etc.

This actually goes back to the previous point of writing a blog, though you can use landing pages for this too. Featured snippets on Google pertain to very specific questions. These could be questions relating to housing, real estate, the worth of a home, etc. You need to tap into the market to answer these questions. If you answer something specific in your field, chances are that Google will put it up as the top search result.

Content marketing specializes in these kinds of snippets. They optimize your posts to answer these questions in the form of headings or sub-headings.

Social Media

Social media helps your business track with local users

The fact is that Google trusts websites and businesses with a lot of social networking and social media activity. The more likes and engagement you have on your social media pages, the better optimized you will be for engagement.

Hiring content marketing firms to help you run your pages and optimize your posts with hashtags and interesting content is a must. This isn’t just true of Facebook anymore. Businesses have Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages as well. These are required to tap into the different niches that you are targeting. For instance, the more general audience will go to Facebook, the tech-savvy and more informed audiences will head for Twitter. Instagram will deliver you the audiences looking for aesthetic beauty and LinkedIn will help you deal with professionals.

All these different social networks have prioritized their algorithms for engagement. Content writing services will help you to optimize your posts for each network.

Using these social media hacks will help you to optimize your businesses for local SEO.


Author bio: Wendell is the Senior Content Manager at timelinecontent.com. She is responsible for overseeing the content writing services at the site. She enjoys bowling in her free time and loves the works of William Wordsworth. For any content related queries, contact her at timelineseo1@gmail.com

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