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Nigeria Based Real Estate Startup SESO Expands Its Services To Ghana And South Africa


The Nigerian real estate and property listing company, Seso Global Ltd, announced its plans to spread its business operations across Africa. Introducing its services to the residents of Ghana and South Africans, to ascertain growth, the startup company aims to influence the African marketplace before solving its major challenge positively.

At the end of the first half of 2019, Seso launched its commercial blockchain tech that grants the government, property developers, and agent the access to manage their properties via the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) portal. The CRM platform is a portal developed and controlled by a startup company, that gives its users access to document and conduct a transaction on an encrypted database.

The one-stop real estate platform that specialises in managing landed properties via blockchain technology introduces its encrypted database as a cloud vault across Africa with the intent of expanding its clients’ assets with additional financial services. The Seso online marketplace has an easy self-use interface that verifies its merchants’ access after the property listings have been authenticated.

Seso Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Bloch said that his company has also developed an open chain of transactions, which links clients to certified properties with further access to financial services, such as banks to access mortgages to claim the property. Then to finalise a deal, Seso platform also gives access to real estate lawyers responsible for issuing certificates of ownership.

Daniel Bloch said: “Once verified the properties are listed onto the Seso marketplace where clients can browse properties and interact with further service providers such as banks for mortgage and law firms for title registration to complete the sale.”

Due to the large database Seso administers, the company keeps thriving to expand its business operations open to serve millions of potential users manage their properties.

After the real estate platform launched in Nigeria, four months later, they pitched South Africa as the location for its preliminary seed to expansion. They experienced a good year of conducting business as they received funding from the Oppenheimer Foundation and Mastercard.

Bloch mentioned that his company has over ten thousand active users prompting transactions seeking properties athwart its three different marketplaces stationed in Africa. Overtime, Seso Global has managed to have stored properties worth a million dollars under its company.

Bloch said: “We average 10,000 website visits per month, and are approaching US$1 million in property transactions on the platform for the past year. Our government-facing registry portal in South Africa has onboarded 1,000 properties for title registration, and we have received scale-up funding to onboard 5,000 moreover next six months.”

Jamie Broderick, the UK based entrepreneur, funded its first piece of investment in 2017. The funds the UK based entrepreneur issued financed the stationing of its headquarters in Nigeria as its main office, as well as its offices in Ghana and South Africa.

“We are seeking franchise partners to take the platform to further markets. We are currently exploring expansion to the DRC, Kenya and Morocco,” the CEO of Seso Global Ltd said.  

“Additionally, we charge licensing fees for our CRM and land registry portals, which vary depending on the tools utilised and the number of users. We have generated approximately US$200,000 in revenue over the past year.”

In contrast to the western world, Africa is still developing, and Seso intends to impact in Africa as a real estate marketplace to make it easier for people access housing which is still a huge problem on the continent. Seso’s immense expansion is based on its principle of providing real solutions to the “underserved” at the moment and this happens to be a big deal in Africa.

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