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Skype Rolls Out New Photo Effects Powered By Machine Learning


Skype is taking advantage of the machine learning to customize effects options based on what’s in each picture which can suggest to add users location , smart face sticker , weather or even a caption based on what’s is in the uploaded pictures. Skype has recently rolled out a new photo effect that can be added to highlights or even shared with friends or loved ones in a conversation.

The photo effects, which look a lot like masks and filters on Snapchat, Microsoft’s messaging platform Skype requires its users to take a picture and then click on the magic wand button located on the top of the screen in order to start using the photo effect, also as users swipe right lots of other photo effects options will pop out on display on the picture such as caption, celebrity lookalike, smart face, sticker, location, mystery face swap and even weather options.

Microsoft says in a blog post that the photo effect will be changed on a different days of the week and during holidays and also explained that “With photo effects on Skype, you can easily add a dash of wit and creativity to your everyday moments. Share decorated photos with your friends and family via chat or on your Highlights. We’re excited to see how you use photo effects to add more fun to your conversations, photos, and Highlights!”

The Skype photo effects builds on Sprinkles app which was created by Microsoft. An App that uses  machine learning technology and Artificial intelligence (AI) capability to suggest caption for pictures and can detect users age , sex and more. Sprinkles uses a facial recognition to lay out smart stickers such as moustache, crown, and hats on the user’s face.

Skype Highlights which was announced earlier this year is also a mobile only feature that allows users post videos, and photos that will be visible for a week and only users who follow the users Highlights can see the posts, a feature which was inspired by Snapchat stories.

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