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Skype Translator Preview Version Is Now Open To The Public And You Don’t Need An Extra Sign-up. Download It Here


Skype Translator; the service that allows for real-time translation of video calls will soon be available to all. It was first announced last December and was available only in English and Spanish after it was tested in the United States. Yesterday though, Skype announced that the public can now download the preview with no extra sign up required. “Skype Translator currently has four available spoken languages – English, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, and 50 instant messaging (IM) languages. With IM, customers can write a text message in their language, and the recipient will receive it in their language of choice”.

You can download it from the Windows store and by the way, it works on the Windows 10 preview version on PC and tablet.

In January, Google reportedly was planning massive updates to its Translate platform which included real-time translations similar to what Skype is doing with its Translate.

 These services would go a long way to break down language barriers which have slowed down productivity and affection in some cases.

 Well there you have it, please try it and share your experience with us.

 Image credit: Skype

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