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Google’s Machine Learning Based “Smart Reply” Comes To Gmail On Android And iOS


Google announced its Smart Reply feature yesterday and what this does is that it automatically suggests responses to messages. The feature is not exactly new and has been a feature in Allo but the news is that it is making its way into one of Google’s busiest app, Gmail on Android and iOS.


Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced this in his keynote address yesterday at the I/O developers’ conference. He said this scans the content of inbox and then uses artificial intelligence to suggest three automated replies based on your writing habits. Because this is machine learning based, the system improves each time you use it so that it gets better with time.

Unlike other automated suggestions, Smart Reply puts a cursor at the end of the message so that you can continue to type from there and again the machine learns of this over time to make it better for users in future.

Another Google product Inbox uses the feature but as Google says, only 12 percent of responses in Inbox used Smart Reply which may be why Google is now bringing it to Gmail which is widely used.

The feature comes to Gmail in the coming weeks and will only support English for now with Spanish and other languages to follow and while this comes to the app only for now, Google is not ruling this out from the web version in future.

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