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Snapchat Now Allows You Post Endless Snaps To Annoy Your Friends, Adds Magic Eraser Tool As Well


Snapchat announced something they call “Limitless Snaps” and it simply means which just means you can record a video and hit the looping icon for the video to keep repeating until your friends are tried and eventually close it.

That’s not the only thing they announced today. They are rolling out new ways to create on Snapchat by allowing users create a virtual pen from emojis. This means you can use emojis to spell out words.

There’s also the magic eraser which is being added to the existing scissor. Once you rub the eraser over a drawing you get a space for another drawing if you choose to.

You can now find these tools in the in the top right hand corner in the app.

You may have to update the app on iOS and Android to start using the new features.

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