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Snapchat’s “Context Cards” Lets You Book Uber Rides And Make Restaurant Reservations In-App


Snapchat launched a new feature earlier this week it calls Context Cards and what this does is that it allows users book an Uber or even make reservations at restaurants. To use the Context Cards, you would have to swipe up for more on a post for example which just means it’s similar to what you can “related articles” on platforms like Facebook and Google.

So if someone says about a restaurant or any other destination for that matter, what would happen is that Context Cards will now help you book tables or even suggest calling a ride like Uber to take you there.

As good as this sounds, it would like the “copycat” accusation against Facebook can now be turned around because Facebook’s Messenger app through third party application allows users book rides, hotels and restaurants directly from the app.

Snapchat hasn’t been doing well with respect to earnings since it went public in March which is why investors bet on its Spectacles hardware but Context Cards could be another source of revenue for the disappearing message app. It would seem that Snapchat would split revenues with services it would be linking millions of its users to but they haven’t officially confirmed that.

Now, having every post in Snapchat become a marketing target doesn’t sound too great which is why the social media company is making this feature available for posts that specifically tag companies with their specific locations. Context Cards look like a waterfall that gives you some basic information about the company and well you click on them, you will be given more details from where you can choose to use the service directly from the app.

A more streamlined or context marketing might just be it for Snapchat and while other social media companies have relied on  more pronounced ways of advertising, Snapchat’s Context Cards provides a “cleaner” way of reaching your favourite services without having to throw them in your face all the ti

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