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Social Banking Comes To UBA Account Holders

Paul Balo

Banking as we know it has been experiencing a change across Africa in the past decade. More banks now embrace electronic means of transactions to make life easier customers as well as check fraudulent practises. In Nigeria for instance, there was a time when you couldn’t use your debit/credit card to make transactions in other parts of the world and that has since changed with the integration of the local banking sector with other global payment processing companies.

One of the improvements is online banking which affords one the opportunity to make transactions from the comfort of their offices or homes. But this has since been taken a step further. Reports have it that there are over 12 millions Nigerians on Facebook alone and millions more on other social networking platforms. This has prompted many banks/financial institutions not only to engage with customers and potential customers but to also provide banking applications services via social media. GTB (Guarantee Trust Bank) was one of the few banks to promote this service. We do not at the time of this report have a figure on the level of appreciation of it but my guess would be that many people opened accounts via this means. That said though, UBA (United Bank for Africa) has come up with its own social banking platform. This Platform is called U-social and as you might already be thinking, yes you can carry out banking transactions using your Facebook account.

This is available to UBA customers with Facebook accounts. One cool feature of this is that it syncs with your Facebook account. You can download it right here . Let me add that this service can run on desktop or mobile.

What to expect

When you click on the link, you’ll see the “click to proceed” button on top of the page. You will have to Ok the app to sync with your profile after which you’ll be presented with the following options;

  • Open Account
  • Enrolment
  • Locate Services
  • Settings

There you go, check out this service if you have a UBA account and please share your experience


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